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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos left devastated in Andrew storyline

Theo Poulos is finally taking responsibility for Andrew Lawrence’s unfortunate outcome, according to the most recent episode of Home and Away’s ongoing narrative.

In the Australian episode that aired on Tuesday, May 23, Theo learned with astonishment that Andrew had been abducted by the enigmatic group that had shadowed his youth.

In the episodes from last week, a woman who claimed to be Andrew’s mother arrived in Summer Bay. With the promise of an exciting new life after his father’s unexpected passing, she persuaded Andrew to travel with her..

After the two left, it became clear that the woman in question was Margot, the cult’s leader. Andrew was taken back to the group’s facility by Margot, who then started working on mercilessly punishing him for disobeying.

Later, when Justin Morgan and Cash Newman dropped by to see how Andrew was doing, it was clear that the impressionable 17-year-old had already been won over by Margot since he refused to leave with them.

Theo was alerted to the troubling developments surrounding Andrew in the most recent episode of the show by a distraught Justin.

Theo was ready to place the blame on himself because he had earlier shared a social media update about Andrew that identified him as a missing person.

Theo bemoaned to Justin his immediate regrets, saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me – this is all my fault. If I hadn’t created the dumb missing person’s page, [Margot] would never have known where he was.

“Cash was correct; I should have refrained from becoming involved, as he advised. I brought her right up to him.

When Theo discovered that Cash had been removed from the police case as a result of his own role in destabilizing the Margot situation, his worries only intensified.

Justin assured Theo that no one else in the police department was giving Andrew’s case top priority. He appears to be staying with the cult of his own free will, according to the local police department’s determination that he is old enough to make his own decisions.

Theo momentarily pondered sending Andrew on his own rescue expedition, but Justin persuaded him that they needed to think long term. Will Andrew be persuaded to go back to the Bay ever?

When Andrew contacted Justin for assistance late last month, Australian viewers witnessed Andrew’s plot get underway. Andrew placed a message inside Justin’s backpack as he was performing community service.

After his father passed away, Andrew was abandoned and subsequently discovered asleep in an empty house.

Further research indicated that Andrew had grown up alone as a result of his father’s


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