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Home and Away spoilers: Tane and Felicity get back together in heartwarming scenes?

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has lately been through a lot of stress as a result of the chemical assault, which culminated in her and Tane (Ethan Browne) being kept captive by her former friend Anne (Megan Smart). Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) were able to save the couple just in time.

When Jasmine (Sam Frost) returns Felicity home from the hospital, she expresses her rage at Cash for having concerns about whether she was the one who carried out the attack and for failing to stand by her. She takes a solo walk and runs into Tane at the Surf Club.

Tane’s emotions are raw as well, having just returned to the Gym for the first time since the attack, and he asks Felicity if she wants to go for a walk. As they return to the caravan park, they begin to reconnect, and they are amazed at how at ease they are in each other’s company.

Felicity begs Tane if he can stay as he prepares to depart. Tane frowns, but Felicity makes it obvious that all she wants is his companionship at the time, as she doesn’t like being alone. Tane is aware of the situation and agrees. In the morning, they wake up in each other’s arms, having slept better because they were next to one other.

When Tane exits Felicity’s van, though, Cash notices them together and quickly assumes the worst.

He expresses his displeasure and subsequently confronts Tane in the Gym, urging him to back off.

Is his fling with Felicity set to resume, or will his words have no effect on Tane?


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