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Home and Away reveals new 2022 spoilers for shock death aftermath

Note: The following article discusses sexual misconduct, which may be upsetting to some readers.

Fans of the Australian soap opera Home and Away have had a first peek at the aftermath of evil character Matthew Montgomery’s shocking demise.

Chloe Anderson murdered off her father in the soap’s latest Australian season finale episode after finding that she was created after Matthew raped her mother Mia, the latter bravely revealed the horrible truth to her.

Chloe later told Matthew that she didn’t want anything to do with him, despite the fact that he harassed her, and that after being seized by him, she panicked and fatally beat him with a brick.

Mia, who had been watching, encouraged Chloe to forget about it and drove away with Matthew’s body in the trunk. Her reckless driving, on the other hand, drew the notice of Cash Newman, who, despite her first hesitation, pursued her.

Things were left on a massive cliffhanger, and in a first teaser for the 2022 episodes, we see Cash catching up with Mia, and one image in the clip shows him checking inside her boot before handcuffing her.

Meanwhile, Chloe is seen deleting evidence and confessing her guilt to Bella Nixon, who is her supporter.


Mia also sobs in front of Ari Parata, pleading with him to protect her. Has their recent engagement, however, been jeopardised as a result of the change of events?


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