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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity’s attacker demands money in cruel plot

On the UK version of Home and Away, Felicity receives a text message from her assailant threatening to make a video of the assault public if she doesn’t pay him $1000.

The attacker returns to haunt Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) in the sickest way just as she is beginning to come to grips with her assault.

Only this past week have things started to get better for Flick. Flick had to accept the reality that many crimes of this sort go unsolved and the perpetrator may never be brought to justice after she and her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) spent hours watching video footage from the Battle of the Bands in search of any clues.

Flick has since gone to more counselling sessions. There appears to be hope now that she is beginning to comprehend their true goal.

However, the information that Flick’s assailant might never be apprehended has only made Tane’s (Ethan Browne) mental state worse. While trying to keep this from Flick, he unintentionally became apart from her.

Tane finally confessed to Flick about his struggles with understanding what she wanted from him since he felt so useless after spending the entire night in the gym punching a punching bag. He was put on notice by Flick that they were a team and that all she wanted was for him to be her husband.

With their relationship on solid ground, Tane plays the loving husband the following week, going to the other extreme. Tane chooses to come up to Salt with Flick to pick up a coffee after postponing the first morning gym session in order to walk Flick to work, despite the fact that they both work in the same building.

Flick rips Tane out for being so needy as he decides to stay for some food after having just finished breakfast at home.

Flick reassures Tane that she will be OK at work before gently pointing out that they both need to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Tane is forced to admit that he finds it difficult to leave Flick alone so soon after the assault.

Flick finally gets Tane to open the gym by promising to come downstairs if she needs him.

However, Flick receives a text message later that day that makes her heart race.

It’s from her attacker, who demands $1000 from Felicity or he will release a video he recorded of the assault!

Tane immediately wants to call Cash after seeing the horrific message that Flick had rushed home to show her. Flick declines, though; having to inform her brother about the assault in the first place was horrible enough without having to expose him to a film of it.

Flick questions whether it might just be a con, but Tane thinks it’s improbable given how few people are aware of what happened to her.

When Cash gets home, he notices that Flick and Tane are both tense, but they both pretend that nothing is wrong.

Tane advises Flick speak with Rose instead because she feels uncomfortable keeping it a secret from Cash. Flick is adamant that she won’t take any action.

Further tension is created when Xander (Luke Van Os) tells Cash that Flick hurried home from Salt after receiving what appeared to be a troubling text message.

Flick claims that it was only a delivery that she had to handle while Cash meets her at home, handing him her phone as evidence.

Flick was right to expect that Cash wouldn’t allow her to check her phone, so she stormed away.

Soon after Tane arrives, the situation quickly worsens as Flick gets a second message from the assailant.

The blackmailer threatens her with a photo of Flick asleep after the drink spiked and demands payment if she doesn’t want everyone to see the rest.

Tane and Flick are horrified—the sender is not playing a ruse!

The following morning Tane again begs Flick to call the police, but she explains that once any photographs are online, they are there forever. Even if there was a chance that reporting the communications to the police may result in an arrest, there’s no way she could take that chance.

When Flick gets a third message with the bank information needed to deposit the money at that point, it appears she has made up her mind.

Tane cautions Flick that there is no assurance that doing this will put an end to the situation as she enters the information into her laptop. After she makes the requested payment, the blackmailer might demand more.

Flick is aware of this but believes she is without recourse. Tane is going to die as a result of her choice, but she is grateful that he won’t stop her.

Flick tells him, “I know how hard this has been on you too. The fact that I know you have my back means everything.

Tane answers “always,”

Will Flick actually pay her attacker money as she holds her cursor over the “Pay Now” button?


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