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Neighbours airs a huge twist over David Tanaka’s death

Following David Tanaka’s passing, Neighbours has revealed that Paul Robinson and Eden Shaw are concealing a sinister secret.

The major turn of events occurred on Monday when Paul visited Eden in the hospital and issued a dire warning.

Last week, Paul was saddened to learn that his beloved son David had passed away while on vacation and that word had reached Ramsay Street.

When Eden broke into David’s peaceful break with Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair, and Nicolette Stone, it set off a tragic chain of events.

Major mysteries remained over how Eden found his ex-girlfriend Krista and learned that she was pregnant his child in Monday’s episode.

In the hospital, during an interrogation by constable Andrew Rodwell, Eden pretended to have followed Krista from Erinsborough. He continued by saying that while the two were out for a walk in the bush, he heard Krista discussing the kid with Leo.

Immediately afterwards, Krista refuted this account, telling Andrew that she had only discussed the pregnancy with Leo while they were staying at the vacation rental.


A possible solution to the puzzle emerged later when Paul paid Eden a hospital visit. They were both hiding something, as their tense talk made clear.

Eden, in a desperate state, remarked, “You’re going to help me,” suggesting that a covert agreement had already been made. It’s just a just swap.”

Paul in turn said, “Enough. You are not allowed to haggle. If you have any sort of sense of self-preservation at all, you’re going to close your mouth and keep it closed.

“Remember this: you have created an adversary. one who is unflinching in their resolve. I’m there for you whether you’re behind bars or not. You’re done.

Does this imply that David’s death was unintentionally caused by Paul, who also sent Eden to Krista and Leo?


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