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Home and Away reveals explosion aftermath as Marilyn and Kirby fight for justice

Will Stunning Organics face the music?

Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away include spoilers, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

The explosion plotline that put Roo Stewart’s life in danger will be resolved in Home and Away.

The character is now being treated in a hospital after a bomb in John Palmer’s van exploded on Australian television.

Marilyn Chambers, the explosion’s intended victim, and Kirby Aramoana, who believes bogus skincare business Stunning Organics is to blame, are working to find the truth in the meantime.

Marilyn and Kirby continue their investigation after John Palmer had a heart attack because they need proof to hold the firm responsible and make sure they don’t get away with attempted murder (according to TV Week).

Kirby deduces that the explosion must have been the result of the CEO of Stunning Organics, who was forced to resign weeks before the catastrophe.

Kirby is advised to back off and allow the law enforcement do their thing when she presents police officer Rose with this vital piece of information.

As his frustration mounts, Kirby lashes out at the police officer, accusing her of not doing enough to identify the perpetrator of the explosion.

Will the Stunning Organics CEO be put on criminal charges? Will the business pursue Marilyn while they are being cornered?

This week in Australia and August in the UK, these scenes will air.


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