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Home and Away spoilers (June 19 to 23)

What’s next in Summer Bay?


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Justin and Leah take a chance by taking in the troublesome youngster Andrew.

Meanwhile, Kahu and Mackenzie are on the verge of falling in love, while Marilyn is entangled in a web of deception.

Here is a complete schedule of the upcoming 11 monumental occasions.

  1. Mali rescues Xander

After passing out on the sand, Xander awakens, but he rejects medical attention. Mali insists on bringing his injured companion home despite being told no.

When Mali arrives at the Delaneys’, Rose confronts her, and the ex-couples try to get beyond the discomfort by concentrating on taking care of Xander.

Rose is happy to have Mali back in her life as the tension quickly subsides and the former couple begins joking about.

  1. Rose and Mali get closer

After immediately growing weary of being the babysitter, Xander makes Rose feel bad by telling Mali that she has been looking at his social media.

Mali acknowledges that, rather than being alarmed, he has also been monitoring Rose’s accounts.

Later on in the week, to commemorate Xander’s recuperation, Mali invites the kids out to supper. Knowing where his sister’s heart is, Xander seizes the opportunity to play matchmaker by instructing Rose and Mali to go out to dinner alone while he takes a nap.

  1. Justin helps a mysterious newcomer

Justin is troubled by the enigmatic note he received pleading for assistance and begins to look into it. He discovers a semi-conscious youngster laying on the floor in an otherwise empty house, much to his horror, and realises it is not a joke.

When the sick kid is sent to the hospital for treatment, he opens up to Justin and tells him that his name is Andrew and that he is 17 years old.

When Andrew admits he doesn’t know his birthday and claims he isn’t permitted outside, the plot becomes more complicated. The police are contacted to assist because the hospital is unable to identify him.

  1. Justin throws Andrew a lifeline

Justin is convinced Andrew has been neglected as the mystery around his identification grows. He begs the teen for information so he can assist, but Andrew refuses to speak.

When a psychologist’s evaluation finds that Andrew has the social and emotional abilities of a 9-year-old, Bree and Justin become more worried.

Bree’s admission that the hospital can no longer hold Andrew leads Justin and Leah to decide to welcome him into their home.

  1. Andrew moves in with Justin and Leah

Leah goes over and above to help Andrew feel at home after she decided to let him remain with them.

Despite the cordial greeting, Andrew finds it difficult to settle there and longs to return home. When Andrew breaks into Justin and Leah’s bedroom at night and watches them as they sleep, things take a spooky turn.

  1. Fears grow over Andrew

Leah admits to Roo that she finds Andrew’s odd attitude unsettling and that she dislikes having him live with her.

When Cash reveals that the cops found supplies in Andrew’s residence to enable him to live off the grid for months, Justin is likewise alarmed. Cash adds that they discovered indications of a second male residing there, but no identification.

Justin admits to Leah that Andrew requires professional assistance after being disturbed by the results. However, as Andrew reveals an unexpectedly sensitive side, the couple wonders if they were too quick to expel him.

  1. Marilyn is trapped in a web of lies

Marilyn’s friends are gushing with appreciation for her ability to put Stunning Organics in their place. Marilyn, meanwhile, feels deceived for being dishonest and acknowledging she never returned the stock crates.

Marilyn notices that the Stunning Organics attorney has scheduled a meeting as the deliveries start coming. However, when Roo offers to accompany her and encourage her, her deception comes back to haunt her.

Making a quick decision, Maz tells Roo that the lawyer has cancelled and hides the most recent shipment at Irene’s house while she is on vacation.

  1. Marilyn takes a stand against Stunning Organics

Marilyn’s anxiety over lying to her loved ones grows as the boxes of Stunning Organics goods do.

Marilyn tells Kirby about the dreadful predicament she’s in after failing to maintain her facade. Marilyn acknowledges that she fears disappointing Alf and Roo as well as the cruel company she works for.

Marilyn posts a video criticising Stunning Organics with Kirby’s help. But when Stunning Organics threaten to sue for defamation if Marilyn doesn’t quickly take down the video, her daring backfires.

  1. Kahu is caught out

As Kahu and Mackenzie love getting to know one another, sparks are flying between them. Tane cautions his cousin that although Mac is still mourning Gabe, Kahu may be the diversion she’s seeking for.

Tane phones TAFE after paying Kahu’s tuition and is astonished to hear that there isn’t a student by the name of Kahu Parata enrolled.

When Kahu contacts his mother and promises to send her $1,500 in earnings from his fishing boat, Tane isn’t the only one being deceived.

  1. Kahu and Mac get it on

Tane confronts Kahu after discovering his fraud and demands to know what the man has done with his money.

Forced to admit his mistake, Kahu begs Tane to support his desire to purchase and operate a fishing boat. To Felicity’s dismay, Tane is won over by Kahu’s persuasive argument and agrees that Kahu can keep his money as an investment.

Kahu’s desire also impresses Mac, who offers to assist him in creating a business plan. As the sex tension rises, Kahu approaches Mac, and the two pursue their passion in the storage.

  1. Remi makes a huge sacrifice for Bree

The success of their reunion tour has Lyrik on a high, and Eden is eager to visit Cash again. The couple confesses their love for one another after falling into each other’s arms, proving that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Bree, who battled with Remi’s absence, does not give him a warm welcome upon his return. She eventually confides in Remi and says that after he left, her anxieties about a violent Jacob returned.

Remi believes that Lyrik needs to take a break from travelling and record an album since he realises how much Bree needs him in the Bay. Will he be able to persuade the other band members to join forces, though, given the dire financial situation?


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