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Home and Away’s Cash Newman left shocked by newcomer Harper Matheson

Next week in the UK, Cash Newman from Home and Away will get a taste of the past when Harper Matheson, a newbie, shows up in Summer Bay.

The character of Harper, who shows up in the Bay concealing a secret, has been portrayed by Jessica Redmayne.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Harper replies to an ad posted by Irene Roberts looking for a new lodger.

Harper, who is on a long vacation from her job as a social worker, and Irene click right together. When Harper finds out that she can have the room as long as her references are verified, she is happy.

Regretfully, John Palmer, Irene’s friend, is significantly less enthusiastic about Harper and worries that there is something fishy about him.

Irene tells John to stop spying on Harper when she sees him looking into the room. After making her own decision, she hands Harper the house keys.

Irene may be optimistic, but it appears that John may be correct when Harper begins acting strangely behind closed doors soon away.

It is revealed that Cash and Harper are old friends and coworkers when they greet each other to the Bay later in the week. This strengthens Irene’s conviction that Harper can be relied upon.

Harper’s ulterior motives are exposed when they have some alone time, as she confesses that her primary goal in travelling to the Bay was to beg Cash for a favour.

According to Harper, her sister Dana is fugitive after drugs were discovered in her flat by the authorities. The culpable party was Dana’s boyfriend, who deceitfully accused her in order to get out of trouble.

Given that Cash has a history of conducting in-depth investigations, Harper begs him to check into the issue and establish Dana’s innocence.

Cash is hesitant to mix up his friendships with his professional obligations because he is unsure of several things. If Harper tells him everything, though, he says he’ll give it some thought.

Subsequently, it is revealed that Harper hasn’t given Cash the whole story when she allows Dana to enter Irene’s home covertly via the bedroom window. Given that a wanted person is now holed up at the residence, this might have serious consequences for all parties.


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