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Home and Away’s Kirby reaches a big choice over Lyrik’s future

In new scenes premiering in the UK, Kirby Aramoana from Home and Away will confess a secret to her bandmates and make a significant decision regarding her future in Lyrik.

Now that Kirby is firmly back in the band after her shocking solo endeavour, the guitarist is determined to prove to her mates that this reunion is permanent.

In scenes that will premiere on Channel 5 in the UK the following week, Kirby finally tells her bandmates a secret about her recent windfall and shouts for food. She informs her friends that she has been paid $8,000 for the licencing of one of her songs to a different musician.

Remi Carter and Eden Fowler are excited by the news and want to know how she plans to use the money.

The following day, Kirby discloses that she intends to use the funds for additional studio time so Lyrik can record their upcoming album. Remi’s response is more measured than Eden’s, who is inconsolable. Is there a reason why he is refusing to take money from Kirby, particularly in light of their recent arguments?

Later, Remi asks Kirby if she truly wants to spend her own money on Lyrik in response to her kind offer. He goes on to say that he hopes this isn’t guilt money because of her band hiatus.

Kirby, however, is adamant that she wants to invest her money in her future with Lyrik and will not change.

Remi is appreciative of Kirby’s desire to help the band. Does Lyrik’s future appear promising once more?

“One of the proudest and most vulnerable moments I’ve had” in her career, actress Angelina Thomson, who portrays Kirby on the soap opera, recently talked about how pleased she was of herself for singing a spiritual Cook Island song.


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