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Neighbours’ Nicolette Stone to demand answers over Chloe Brennan’s secret

Next week, viewers of Neighbours will witness Nicolette Stone becoming suspicious of Chloe Brennan’s secret.

After an uncomfortable encounter with Chloe, who doesn’t seem like her normal self, Nicolette starts to grow inquisitive.

Future scenes will see Nicolette recognise Chloe at the Erinsborough Hospital and greet her, only to have her greetings ignored. Later, Nicolette makes further revelations when she tries to figure out why Chloe ignored her.

Nicolette understands that there is a serious issue with her ex-fiance as she follows a trail of lies that Chloe has told since returning to Erinsborough.

Chloe is forced to tell the truth by Nicolette, but will she receive the answers she needs?

Earlier this month, April Rose Pengilly, who originally appeared in scenes set two years ago, returned to her role as Chloe during Neighbours’ Flashback Week. Later, in the present-day scenes, Chloe made a comeback and began lending a hand at the Lassiters Hotel.

April hinted recently that Chloe was returning to Erinsborough to assist at the motel. Naturally, Chloe is here to save the day as Paul has found himself in a bit of a sticky situation. However, Chloe might be hiding a small secret.”


“It’s very exciting to be back,” she said. It’s very nice to see everyone again. Here, we are a large family. I hope to return full-time, but we’ll see if other projects and schedules allow. We’ll have to wait and see if Chloe can find space on Ramsay Street among all the new faces.

“Everyone’s just so happy that we’re all back here, and we get to keep making this amazing show that you guys love.”


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