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Home and Away lines up dark new storyline for Theo Poulos

A sinister new plotline for Theo Poulos, who is becoming closer to Valerie, a newbie, has been announced by Home and Away.

Theo has been enchanted with free-spirited Valerie since she moved to Summer Bay. Valerie recently made friends with his aunt Leah Patterson when she was receiving inpatient treatment at a mental health facility. However, their relationship is about to take a negative turn when Valerie offers Theo narcotics.

Theo confides in Valerie about his ongoing troubles in scenes that will show this week in Australia and in a few weeks for viewers in the UK. He tells her that he is failing at college and has lost his enthusiasm for music.

Valerie accepts Theo’s invitation to his performance at Salt later on. Valerie then offers to “help” him with his stress by giving him a medication.

Valerie’s offer surprises Theo at first, and he hesitates before agreeing to take the medication.

Theo enjoys his night at Salt with Valerie after taking the medication, and they even share a kiss. But Kirby Aramoana, Theo’s ex-girlfriend, notes their peculiar activity and begs him to exercise caution after spotting the two.

Theo awakens the following morning with a fresh lease on life. Theo wants more and asks Valerie to obtain the pills for him since he thinks his newfound desire is the result of the party drug.


Is Theo going in the wrong direction?

The actress of Valerie, Courtney Clarke, discussed the plot with TV Week, stating that her character was staying at the mental health clinic before coming to the Bay because she had lost her brother in a vehicle accident.

When she encounters Leah in the clinic, she is quite far along a path of pain and self-loathing. Valerie determines that spending time with her new acquaintance is the best course of action. and with that, she departs for Summer Bay,” she said.

She continued, speaking on Valerie and Theo’s growing romance: “There’s definitely an element of intrigue and mystery from [the Kirby and the others], especially when things start to get a little friendly with her and Theo.”


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