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Home and Away fans point out huge plot hole: ‘Have often wondered that’

After a debate about suspended Summer Bay police officer Cash Newman and how he’s been making ends meet while on forced leave and uncertain about whether he wants his job back, fans of Home and Away have called attention to a gaping plot hole within the show’s storylines.

In addition to being involved in a police scandal in the Bay Area that resulted in a three-month unpaid suspension, Cash recently endured the kidnapping of his girlfriend Eden and the difficult separation of his sister. However, with Eden secure once more and things improving, a fan asked a very pertinent question this week in a Home and Away Facebook group.

“I was unpaid for three months. Eden also hardly takes on enough gigs. They said, “How do they pay their bills?”

Fans of Home and Away laughed at the joke, but some responded with the truth.

As one person noted, “Cash had a lot of savings,” fans were reminded of Cash’s inheritance.

“Who needs money in Summer Bay?” Someone else made a joke. Someone said, “I need to go and live there!” in reply.

“Roo, who enjoys organising things, will have to plan a fundraising. It will also provide something to do,” jokingly said another enthusiast.

Another user said, “Have often wondered that and also for all the coffees they have lol.”

Others agreed that despite taking long pauses, several Summer Bay firms continue to prosper.

As one individual put it, Justin’s garage is “like a garage that doesn’t operate for six months, then mysteriously reappears as a functioning business.”


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