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Home And Away spoilers: Marilyn’s paranoia sends her over the edge

Is Marilyn in danger of dying? Can those who are posing a threat to her be stopped before it is too late?
In this week’s episodes of Home And Away, those are the pressing questions as the campaign against Marilyn intensifies.

Even though Marilyn (Emily Symons) tries to appear cool and lies to her pals, it is obvious that she is in serious difficulty. She is currently living in fear as a result of her battle with the dubious skincare firm Stunning Organics.

Her ex-husband John (Shane Withington), who appeared in recent episodes, saw her in danger firsthand when a brick was hurled through the glass with the warning, “No more interviews, or else.”

The company was exposed by Marilyn in a critical article, prompting the revenge.

Emily, 53, tells TV WEEK that Marilyn’s realisation that they are willing to go to tremendous lengths to get her to quit what she is doing is a frightening wake-up call.

When Marilyn reports the harassment to the police, they make no progress in identifying the perpetrator. John tries to assist out of concern for his friend, but Marilyn won’t let anybody else get involved.

“Cash [Nicholas Cartwright] has a serious conversation with her about how to deal with it,” Emily relates. But it becomes worse in a way she never anticipated.

Her existence is being made intolerable by the fear. Marilyn twitches at every sound, checking the locks both at home and at work. She arm herself with a frying pan and hides when she hears the front door rattling. Opening the door, a person enters. Lynne McGranger’s Irene

Marilyn approaches her erratically until she recognises who it is and falls to the ground in rejoicing. Irene extends an invitation to Roo (Georgie Parker), and the two band together to help a buddy in need.

If Marilyn is already vulnerable, may what occurs next tip her over the edge?


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