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Home and Away heartbreak for Alf and Martha in 17 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, February 21.

Monday, February 21:

Martha is still in the hospital. The Stewarts are still waiting to hear if a kidney transplant match can be discovered.

Martha is visited by a priest. Martha has requested that he talk with her.

Martha’s optimism may be fading. She’s recognising that she may be running out of time.

Martha’s demeanour disturbs Alf. Alf and Roo are attempting to be upbeat.

Tuesday, February 22:

Ziggy is surprised. Dean had sold his favourite surfboard, which she discovers.

Dean feels certain that he has made the best decision possible. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to surf again.

Ziggy and Dean don’t seem to be on the same page. While Dean wants his girlfriend to obey his wishes, Ziggy begins making plans behind Dean’s back to reclaim the board.

Alf is still having trouble. It’s a difficult moment for Martha, as she faces an unclear future.

At the hospital, things are tense. Alf keeps hoping for the best.

Irene comes to pay us a visit. She keeps an eye on the Stewarts.

Irene is on Alf’s side. What does the future have in store for us?

Thursday, February 24:

Felicity is in the mood to have a good time. While Cash is away at their father’s memorial, she keeps herself occupied.

Jasmine is apprehensive. Felicity, she fears, is spiralling out of control.

Jasmine comes in and interrupts. When Felicity is drinking in a car park with some weird guys, she weighs in.

Felicity is irritated. She is irritated by Jasmine’s intrusion.

Jasmine needs to back off, according to Felicity. The situation has becoming tense.

Felicity retaliates. Jasmine, she claims, is merely the girl who is sleeping with Cash and that she should mind her own business.


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