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Home and Away fans point out a problem with Justin and Andrew storyline

“I like Justin, but seriously…”

Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away include spoilers, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Fans of Home and Away have called attention to a gap in the narrative involving Andrew and Justin Morgan.

Australian viewers were first exposed to Andrew in recent scenes when Justin assisted the newcomer after finding a bag containing a puzzling message.

Andrew is now under the care of Justin and Leah Patterson in safety after receiving medical attention in the hospital. Fans, though, are perplexed by a particular component of the plot.

In Justin’s prior plot, he attacked Conor but narrowly avoided going to jail because he thought Ava Gilbert was kidnapping her.

Many people have since questioned why he was let to take the unhappy child to his home considering his criminal background. He was instead given a 500-hour community service sentence.

“No way a guy who got out of jail for abuse, doing community service, and being rejected in the past to foster kids be allowed to even have this child in his custody and make decisions for him lol,” one fan wrote on social media.

“I don’t understand how a bloke who is doing community service and was fortunate to escape jail for being violent, is allowed to take a troubled kid home, just like that,” another person commented. I like Justin, so sure, I realise it’s a show, but seriously.

James Stewart lauded Andrew co-star Joshua Hewson earlier this week.

Stewart posted on Instagram, with a photo of himself with Hewson and Theo Poulos, “I’m so happy he’s come onto our show. He’s cool to hang out with, witty, bright, and clearly on the rise.

In roughly six weeks, the UK will start to screen the Justin and Andrew’s sequences.


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