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Home and Away UK Spoilers for 2024 – Do Justin and Leah survive?

As the last UK episode of Home and Away for 2023 airs on 5STAR, we look ahead to January 2024 and what awaits us when we return to Summer Bay.

The UK season finale of Home and Away will premiere tonight as part of 5STAR’s “first look” before airing on Channel 5 the following day. In the gripping episodes, Vita Nova misled James Stewart’s character Justin and Ada Nicodemou into believing they had won a lavish vacation for two. As a result, they were left for dead in a warehouse.

You’ll have to wait until next year to find out how the two fare—they are fighting for their lives. Alternatively, continue reading to learn what happens on Home and Away in 2024—including whether Justin and Leah make it—and what else is in store.

In 2024, when will Home and Away be back?
The UK television premiere date of Home and Away in 2024 has not yet been announced by Channel 5.

On Monday, January 2, 2023, the show made a comeback to Channel 5, nevertheless, and the premiere aired on 5STAR on Friday, December 30, 2022.

Thus, if the network sticks to its current schedule, Channel 5 will make a comeback on Monday, January 1, with 5STAR offering a sneak peek at the season premiere on Friday, December 29, 2023.

Although the weekday afternoon episodes of Home and Away have been running at 1pm for the past several weeks, Channel 5 has already announced that the show will resume at its customary time slot of 1:45pm in the upcoming year.


What can we expect from the UK version of Home and Away in 2024?
We already know what’s in store for the first two months when we return to Summer Bay early next year, with Australian broadcasts taking place approximately seven weeks ahead of UK screenings with the show scheduled to run down under for a few more weeks.

And what about Justin and Leah?
Naturally, they do. After all, what would Home and Away be if a potentially fatal problem wasn’t handled in a matter of hours?

It actually takes a little longer this time around, though. Leah tries desperately to free them, but she has better luck than Justin, who was unable to flee the warehouse when the metal structure he was climbing collapsed on top of him.

She succeeds in escaping the isolated warehouse by scaling what’s left of the building.

She quickly learns, though, that they are in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight for miles. She ultimately wakes up after collapsing and passing out and seeing a vision of Justin, who tells her to keep fighting.

After walking for miles, she eventually spots a bystander, who sounds the alarm.

After being saved, Justin is sent to Northern Districts Hospital, where Bree (Juliet Godwin), of all people, takes over.

Bree quickly learns that Justin has a punctured lung and shattered ribs, and that surgery to fix the damage would be too dangerous due to his severe condition.

Bree has little choice but to operate despite Justin’s health worsening, but Justin dies from heart failure.

As Justin’s health continues to deteriorate, Bree advises Leah to brace herself for the worst.

Justin, who is still unconscious, gets a vision of his own funeral in which Leah is seated on a church pew and Theo (Matt Evans) is playing music. This vision occurs as Leah and Theo come to terms with Justin’s imminent death.

He is eventually able to come out of his coma thanks to the vision, albeit not before a Vita Nova member acting as a hotel orderly makes one more attempt to kill him by suffocating him.

He then recovers extraordinarily quickly after that.

Leah, but…

Leah’s Fearful Dreams
Even though Leah seems to have escaped with little physical harm, the experience has a negative psychological impact on her. She soon finds it difficult to go asleep out of dread of having additional nightmares after Justin becomes stuck in the factory and starts to haunt her.

The connection between her and Justin suffers as a result. Following Leah’s proposal in the factory, the couple quickly started organising their wedding; however, Leah ultimately calls it off, saying Justin she needs to work through her problems before she can ever consider getting married.

Will Leah ever be ready to wed Justin, having sworn off getting married again after three unsuccessful marriages?

Zara desires Mali’s return.
fresh arrival When Zara (Matilda Brown) came in Summer Bay last week, she created quite a commotion.

She is Kyle Shilling’s (Mali’s) ex-girlfriend as well as his “promised wife,” and both of their families are hoping that they would get back together and get married in the future.

Mali was eager to clarify to Luke Van Os’s character and Kirsty Marillier’s character that his family does not, in fact, adhere to the “promised wife” tradition, but it quickly becomes apparent that Zara (Matilda Brown) believes otherwise.

She says that she and Mali broke up when she moved to college to pursue her legal studies, and she expects him to honour his commitment to get back together after she graduates!

It appears that Victoria, Mali’s mother (Ursula Yovich), is also in favour of Zara and Mali getting together, as she was not happy to learn that Rose was a police officer.

Zara quickly discloses, though, that she has another motive for wanting to return to Mali—she dropped out of university and hasn’t told her parents yet. She’s hoping that her family will be ecstatic to see her back in Mantaray Bay with him and that they won’t soon forget about her unsuccessful academic endeavours.

Will Mali go for Rose or Zara?

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