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Home and Away fans floored as Australian soap beauty ‘looks the same’ after 24 years

Admirers of Home and Away marvelled at Ada Nicodemou’s timeless beauty.

The 46-year-old actress just posted a video of her character’s debut appearance on Instagram. Ada is one of the cast members of the Australian soap opera with the longest tenure, having debuted in March 2000.

After fleeing her fiancé, Leah made her way to Summer Bay, where she was picked up by Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten), who would go on to become her husband. She captioned the video, “Throwing it all the way back to Leah’s first scene on Home and Away from 2000!”

Ada’s youthful appearance was quickly praised by fans in the comments section, with many pointing out that she still looks good almost 24 years later. “You haven’t even aged!!!!” was said by one.

Another fan exclaimed, “Jeez, she got more beautiful with age!” A third concurred, saying, “Wow! You appear exactly the same.” Someone else wrote: “It’s amazing! You also have the same appearance. Magnificent!”

A fifth person questioned, “How come you look EXACTLY the same?” One person exclaimed, “You look younger than ever; you don’t even look aged.” For the past 20 years, Ada has been at the core of the most dramatic narrative on the soap opera.

Leah and her partner Justin Morgan (James Stewart) were abducted at the end of the previous year and left for dead in an abandoned warehouse. Leah has been plagued by intense dreams about their kidnapping even after managing to escape.

The single mother talked about the horrific events and said, “It’s been tough. It has been quite taxing to film this plot, but it is a very vital one to convey.”


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