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Home and Away Spoilers – Two new arrivals as Bree meets Remi’s parents

Leah sobs in front of Justin as her flashbacks worsen, and Remi extends an invitation to Bree to meet his parents on Home and Away in the UK the following week.

Following a turbulent year, Bree (Juliet Godwin) will celebrate a significant occasion next week when she accepts an invitation to meet boyfriend Remi’s (Adam Rowland) parents.

In today’s episode, Remi was surprised to get an invitation to his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary dinner when he got a call from them. Later on, Remi questioned Bree what she was doing that particular evening before saying those crucial words. Will you meet my parents, Bree Cameron?

Bree remarked that it seemed like he hadn’t done this very often, which made her chuckle at Remi’s fear.

“Never,” Remi acknowledged. “Until you, I’ve never had a girlfriend that I wanted my parents to meet.”

Bree was moved by the gesture, and when we resume the story the following week, Remi tells us that his parents are throwing a lavish celebration. He will be dressed in a suit, and it will be a formal event.

Bree questions Eden about Remi’s parents as he leaves to pack. Eden clarifies that although the Carters are wealthy and extraordinarily giving, that doesn’t matter to them. Eden experienced a greater degree of affection there than she ever experienced with her own family during her stays in previous years.

Eden reassures Bree that she should not worry, despite her nervousness over being the first partner Remi has brought to meet his parents.

Remi’s parents are classical musicians who have achieved success in one of the city’s orchestras, as previously disclosed on the show. Remi’s mother Nicola (Kate Raison) plays the violin, while her father Graham (Brian Meegan) plays the oboe. Together, the two have played all over the world.

Later that day, Bree is amazed by the opulent pad when she and Remi pull up to the house. “I believe you might have underestimated it slightly,” Bree remarks while staring out the car window.

As soon as the couple pulls into the driveway, Bree is given a tour of the mansion, which includes a private chef, and is immediately enthralled with Graham and Nicola.

A string quartet greets the esteemed visitors as Remi and Bree get ready for the evening. Naturally, Bree and Remi’s parents are curious to know how they met, and Remi is shocked to hear Bree’s honest admission that she was still with her husband Jacob at the time.

Remi interrupts, implying that the talk would be better suited for a later time. Bree is more shocked that Remi’s parents weren’t aware of this beforehand, and as she continues to mention without emphasis that Jacob passed away.

When they are alone, Bree gets irritated with Remi for keeping his parents in the dark about how they got together, believing that he would be embarrassed to reveal the truth.

Remi tries to reassure Bree that he isn’t embarrassed of her and that they will find the proper time to inform his parents about their complex past, but their relationship stays strained the entire evening.

The family is having breakfast outside in the garden when that moment arrives the following morning.

A shocked Bree informs Graham and Nicola that it was she who put an end to her violent ex-husband Jacob’s life. After Remi sustained injuries, Bree realised she would need to protect herself in order to survive.

What will Remi’s parents think of this shocking revelation?

In fact, this is Kate Raison’s third appearance on Home and Away—she co-stars alongside her real-life husband Brian Meegan in the role of Remi’s mother, Nicola Carter.

34 years ago, in 1990, she landed her first part as Jennifer Atkinson, the cousin of Ray Meagher’s character Alf Stewart. She played the role for five weeks.

Jennifer had returned to her childhood home of Summer Bay while escaping her violent husband Daniel (Ken Radley). She made waves when she had a brief affair with Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) while she was in the city, not realising that he was actually a 17-year-old schoolboy and not the 19-year-old TAFE student he claimed to be.

Following a confrontation with Daniel that ended her relationship with Steven, Jennifer left town and was quickly forgotten about. Cousin Alf was never informed of her departure or saw again, which is strange because she had always considered him to be her “big brother.”

Later, in September 1998, Kate made two appearances in two episodes as Paula Rogers, the solicitor that Alf & Ailsa (Judy Nunn) discussed with regard to suing the council after Duncan’s (Lewis Devaney) injury. Joy Smithers, who would eventually reprise the part, had performed the guest character in an earlier appearance.

at another scene at Summer Bay, after their abduction, Justin (James Stewart) learns about Leah’s recent suffering (Ada Nicodemou).

Leah has been having trouble sleeping due to nightmares in which she sees Justin in danger of dying, but she has rejected Bree’s advice to talk to a professional or open out to Justin.

When Justin goes to the cafe to question Leah about her studies on sleeplessness and nightmares the next week, he’s shocked to find that she hasn’t been rostered on for the previous two days.

Leah tells Justin that she’s been busy seeing suppliers when he eventually meets up with her. Leah then acknowledges that she’s had some sleep problems, but she assures Justin that it won’t be a major concern and that she’ll wake him if she has any further troubles.

Meanwhile, Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) observe that Leah isn’t herself while she works at the diner.

Marilyn gives Irene a hard time when she attempts to talk to Leah, and Irene has to tell her that she and some of the other employees are actually overpaid.

Leah assumes right away that Justin is just stopping by the coffee cart to see how she’s doing.

That night, after a long day, Leah is waiting for Justin to come get her, and as she sees the headlights of his car approaching, her mind starts racing.

Leah is having flashbacks about the kidnapping, which makes her fear and bring her to her knees while she is gasping for air.

As Leah starts to cry, Justin runs to her aid and tries to comfort her.

When they eventually arrive to their house, Leah acknowledges that the nightmares began as soon as she believed they were safe, following Justin’s eventual awakening in the hospital. She has had to relive the entire incident every night, seeing Justin die in front of her and helpless to stop him.

Leah says, “I need help, Justin,” as she starts to cry. “I require assistance.”

Will Leah be able to settle down for good at last?


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