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Home and Away’s Mali Hudson saves Xander Delaney amid Salt crisis

Mali Hudson from Home and Away will do Xander Delaney a huge service by helping him escape a disastrous hen party at Salt.

Scenes from next week’s Channel 5 broadcast will feature Xander taking over the restaurant while Mackenzie Booth, the owner, is abroad. Although Xander is eager to impress his boss, he quickly discovers that he has neglected to reserve entertainment for an impending pre-paid hen party, which puts him in a terrifying situation.

Fearing for his life, Xander contacts Remi Carter and Eden Fowler, offering them free food and drink in exchange for their time so they may perform live music for the gathering.

The Maid of Honour, on the other hand, is not fond of Xander’s entertainment selection and quickly objects to the option of live music instead of karaoke. She also calls Xander’s decorations a “corporate nightmare” and tells him that she didn’t pay for them.

When the hen-do group demands a refund, Remi and Eden are politely asked to leave the restaurant, and Xander is nearly driven insane.

Fortunately, Mali’s quick thinking comes to the rescue with his “Magic Mali” dancing routines, which turn the celebration around by taking the soon-to-be bride for a solo performance.

Xander is happy that Mali has his back while the gang cheers Mali’s performance.


However, a major issue exists: Will Rose, Xander’s sister and Mali’s girlfriend, be offended by her boyfriend’s promiscuous dancing with a group of women?


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