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Home and Away lines up possible split for Tane and Felicity

A dramatic confrontation hinted at in recent episodes suggests that one of the couples in Home and Away might soon be calling it quits.

Tane Parata and Felicity Newman are going through a difficult moment in their marriage when he finds out she has been lying to him about her desire to have children.

Tane will discover that Felicity has been taking her contraceptive pills, and he will become aware of her falsehoods in upcoming scenes that will run in Australia this week (UK fans will have to wait until early 2024).

He becomes aware that there is a problem with his wife during a talk with Mackenzie Booth.

Actor Ethan Browne of Tane told TV Week that “things just aren’t adding up for Tane, and Flick is acting oddly, especially with Mackenzie, which he notices.”

“She doesn’t tell him anything really, except to talk to Felicity, which for him is a giveaway something is up.”

Tane begs Felicity to show him what’s in her luggage when they get home. One by one, she takes out her personal belongings, saving her medicines for last. Felicity has now betrayed Tane’s trust, even though she has been insistent that she hasn’t been taking them; he packs a suitcase and leaves.


Tane stated, “It’s unbelievable that this has happened.” “He’s so heartbroken, he leaves.”

Tane encounters Felicity’s brother, policeman Cash Newman, as he is leaving. When Cash tries to comfort Tane, he gets struck in the face.

While Felicity caters to her brother’s injuries, Cash instructs her to correct her error and isn’t as understanding as she would have liked when he learns what transpired with Tane.


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