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Home and Away death confirmed in Mackenzie Booth storyline

Mac receives an upsetting call.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week, heartbreaking scenes from Home and Away will appear on UK television when Mackenzie Booth gets the news she has been dreading.

Just a few months after learning that his cancer had returned, Mackenzie is shocked to learn that her ex-partner Gabe Miller has tragically passed away.

Gabe met with Mackenzie while he was at Summer Bay and expressed his regret for breaking up with her suddenly years before.

Sadly, Gabe left Mackenzie a second time after receiving his diagnosis because he was afraid he would eventually burden her. He left a note explaining his choice and argued he was acting in her best interests rather than having a conversation.

Mackenzie finally has some company again in scenes that will run on Friday, June 16 on Channel 5, as she develops a bond with her new housemate Mali Hudson.


Due to both of their families’ great distances from each other, Mackenzie and Mali discover a common bond. When Dean Thompson recently made the decision to relocate to Far North Queensland, Mackenzie said her final goodbyes to him. Mali, meanwhile, is cut off from his family, who reside in Mantaray Point, up the coast.

Mali is pleased with the way the surfboard store, which Dean recently turned over to him, has turned out. He changes the company’s name to Mantaray Boards to pay homage to his hometown.

Mackenzie backs Mali in his business endeavours, but she soon becomes preoccupied when she receives the heartbreaking news informing her that Gabe has passed away.

The roles are reversed as Mali offers to help Mackenzie through this trying moment. How is she going to deal with losing the man she loved?


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