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Home and Away confirms outcome of Justin Morgan’s trial

Next week, Home and Away will broadcast the verdict from Justin Morgan’s trial in the UK.

As he makes his way to court to learn about his recent assault on Conor, Justin prepares himself.

In upcoming episodes, Justin will be on trial for GBH after assaulting Conor because of a disagreement with his daughter Ava Gilbert.

According to Justin’s defence team, he believed Conor had abducted his daughter Ava after believing lies from the troubled adolescent.

The defence makes the case that given Ava’s past dishonest behaviour, Justin shouldn’t have been so easily duped by her deception.

Justin is unpleasantly startled when the judge condemns him to 500 hours of community service and court-ordered counselling the next week. Justin had been preparing for the worst.

When Justin makes his way back to Summer Bay as a free man, both his partner Leah Patterson and her nephew Theo Poulos are overjoyed.

Although Justin is unsure of how he will balance work and his community service requirements, he is determined to make the most of this second chance.

Justin apologises to his family members for causing them such hardship and vows to mend things so it never occurs again.

Justin starts counselling later in the week, but things don’t go well since he snaps at the counsellor.

Justin decides to embrace the sessions as the counsellor implores him to be more patient during this trip. Additionally, he complies with a request to bring his top five priorities to the subsequent meeting.

Justin experiences a turning point when he discusses the murder of his parents and how this may be the source of his anger problems. Will he come to a crossroads?


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