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Home and Away confirms Lyrik future after violent scene

Fresh hope for Lyrik’s future has been given by Home and Away after Theo Poulos unexpectedly announced his intention to remain in the band.

In recent Australian pace episodes, Kirby Aramoana left the band to seek a solo career, and Theo was considering doing the same. As a result, the once-strong band has fallen into disarray.

Following discussions with record label boss Forrest Duke, who only works with solo artists, Kirby said her farewell to Lyrik.

The remaining Lyrik members discovered after Kirby left that copyright laws would prevent them from performing any songs that she had contributed to creating.

Due to the significant portion of Lyrik’s back catalogue being closed off, they now run the prospect of performing just covers in the near future.

After the chaotic few days, Justin made the decision to put Theo first and scheduled a meeting between him and Forrest. Theo was in disbelief when Justin pushed Forrest to sign him as well.

Remi felt deceived by Theo when he learned of this private encounter, and he lost control and punched Theo in the face.

Bree Cameron, Remi’s girlfriend, was shocked by this because she has strong views against violence due to her brutal marriage to Jacob.

“I saw an ugly side to you today that I didn’t know existed,” Bree said to Remi. I don’t want to be with that man.

Theo took a surprising attempt to restore order just as it appeared that the mayhem might put an end to Lyrik and Remi’s romance as well.

Theo informed Justin that he prefered to stay in the group versus going solo. After accepting Remi’s earnest apology, he made a commitment to stand for Lyrik no matter what.

Bree was happy to see the bandmates make amends, but does this mean they can go on with their lives, or are there other surprises in store?

In October, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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