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Home and Away spoilers: Alf has to choose – Martha or Marilyn?

Marilyn (Emily Symons) has had a horrific experience, having gone home from work in the evening only to lose sensation in her legs and be left on the ground in the cold and dark overnight. Mackenzie (Emily Weir) stumbles finds her in the morning, barely aware.

Marilyn is transported to the hospital by Mackenzie, where her condition is rapidly deteriorating. Marilyn waits nervously for the verdict with Alf (Ray Meagher) by her side, while Logan (Harley Bonner) realises she is suffering from a delayed response to the chemical attack.

Marilyn’s machines start beeping soon after, and Logan is frightened to learn that her organs are dying. Alf demands an explanation as a horrified Marilyn is put into an induced coma. Logan, on the other hand, is still attempting to solve the medical riddle on his own.

Alf’s problems are far from done, as Martha is Logan’s next patient (Belinda Giblin). The new doctor informs Alf that his wife’s kidneys are failing and that she must be transferred to a city-based renal centre for emergency dialysis. Alf must choose between taking his wife to the city and leaving Marilyn in a coma, or allowing his wife to go through dialysis alone.

Martha insists that Alf stay in the Bay to be with Marilyn, but Alf feels conflicted. Marilyn was terrified before she was put under, and he doesn’t want to leave her alone, but he also can’t leave his wife for professional treatment.

Who will he pick?


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