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Home and Away reveals first look as Felicity Newman faces her attacker

The soap opera Home and Away has released the first-look videos of Felicity Newman speaking with her assailant as part of an ongoing plot thread.

Felicity just received a call and discovered that Jeremy, the man who sexually attacked her and then attempted to blackmail her, had requested to meet her after being detained. Felicity debated whether or not she should confront her assailant.

Felicity claims in the trailer that she can’t remember what occurred and that she’s hoping to meet him in order to put the night’s events together and to prove to him that he hasn’t crushed her spirit or wrecked her life.

But in another quick vignette, she breaks down and calls Jeremy pitiful as he stands smug and unrepentant. She also appears to emotionally profess her hatred for Jeremy. Will he be able to influence her and make the issue worse, or will she be able to obtain the closure she deserves?

These sequences will soon show on Australian television, and they should also air in the UK sometime in October.

Recently, actress Jacqui Purvis told Digital Spy about the response to the plot, saying: “I’ve had people come up to me and relate their tales. That’s incredibly overwhelming but also really lovely because I hoped I had depicted it accurately and done it justice if someone had gone through anything as terrible as this.


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