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It was a big adjustment just being Sophie and Paddy – not Ziggy and Dean, says Home and Away star


After years of playing television’s most beloved character, Ziggy, HOME And Away star Sophie Dillman has discussed how she had to adapt to life outside of the serial.

The Australian actress, 29, also acknowledged that it took her some time to adjust to her relationship in real life with Patrick O’Connor, who portrayed her on-screen lover Dean.

“I needed to figure out who I was because for six years, I spent more time as Ziggy than as Sophie,” Sophie remarked. Therefore, you kind of forget—and I certainly forgot—what it meant to be Sophie by herself.

We work pretty well together, and since we were coworkers before getting together, we immediately figured out that we can work together… and we know how one other ticks. Therefore, it was crucial for our relationship to have separation.

However, you need to strike a balance, and, to be honest, we did it extremely effectively.

Ziggy and Dean are significantly different from Sophie and Paddy, yet because you are constantly with each other, it can be difficult to rekindle your romance and rediscover your spark when you don’t have business to discuss, schedules to go over, lines to run, and other such obligations.

“We’ve never sat in silence while doing anything.

“There will undoubtedly be a learning curve. Your entire life is recorded down to the last second, and all of a sudden, it seems like nobody needs me or is calling to ask me why I’m running late.

Paddy, who is most known for playing the bad boy Dean, and Sophie recently travelled to Ireland, and Sophie claimed that the theme of their trip was “lovely people, miserable weather.”

After more than six years, the actress and actor both left the soap opera. The actress filmed her final scenes last year, and they were broadcast in Ireland in March.

Before moving to London, the pair visited parts of Europe, including Ireland in February.

Ireland was beautiful, Sophie remarked on the Irish podcast Tis Yourself.

“Patrick enjoyed Galway so much, and he had the finest time ever when we went to the famous O’Connor’s pub. It’s incredibly lovely and cool.

The theme of our road trip was us sitting there wondering how everyone was so pleasant while the weather was so horrible. And everyone in Ireland is so lovely.

The majority of Sophie’s journey, she was able to grasp the Irish accent, but there was one instance when she found it difficult to follow.

“I will admit that we ran into some issues in Belfast, but overall it wasn’t too bad. We met this great woman in a shopping area, and when she approached us (all thrilled), I said, “I’m so sorry, but I have no idea what you’re saying.


The pair met on the show and were both Australian natives.

But they soon came to the realisation that they both wished to travel more.

“We both spent the most of our 20s there, which sort of meant that we didn’t get to do much travelling or other fun stuff when we were in our 20s since you work so hard during those years.

We both decided that we wanted to travel and experience the globe while we could and before we had too many dependents since we were sort of the responsible grownups at the time.

The duo will perform in Galway, Limerick, Wexford, and other cities while returning to Ireland to meet and greet fans.

The Home and Away Ireland Facebook fan page has information.

Sophie also wants directors and casting directors to keep her in mind while she is here.

“I would come to Ireland without a doubt,” she declared. Working in Irish television and cinema would be my dream job. Anyone with ears, Sophie Dillman is on hand.


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