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Home and Away’s Alf Stewart hides a secret from John Palmer

In scenes that will run in the UK next week, Alf Stewart from Home and Away is keeping something from John Palmer a secret.

The fact that Alf has returned to Summer Bay with new hearing aids is well known to Australian viewers. And because he is feeling so well, he even smiles during a meeting of the Surf Club committee with John, who becomes suspicious almost away because Alf seems to agree with him on everything.

Marilyn Chambers is happy to see Alf doing so well, but John says he’s certain something is wrong with his hearing aids and that it’s unusual for Alf to support him.

While Marilyn and Leah Patterson-Baker maintain that Alf has changed, John is still of the opinion that something is wrong.

John tests Alf later at the Diner by questioning him about their prior encounter. When presented with certain proof, Leah is forced to acknowledge that there is something odd about Alf’s actions.

Leah agrees to talk to Alf, but Marilyn and John are too afraid to suggest that his hearing aids may not be functioning as well as he had thought.

She brings up the topic with Alf, but she receives no response.

Leah and Marilyn are compelled to approach Alf after he overhears them discussing him. With a cheeky smile, Alf confesses that he has been switching off his hearing aids while John speaks. What will John think?


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