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Home and Away star James Stewart reveals the brutal truth behind his incredible 12kg weight loss: ‘No one wants to hear it’

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Home and Away star James Stewart has lifted the lid on his incredible 12kg weight loss. James told The Daily Telegraph on Monday he tipped the scales at 101 kilograms at his heaviest, after turning to food as source of comfort during Covid lockdowns  

He continued by saying that substituting zucchini for the noodles in spaghetti bolognese made a significant impact.

He said, “no grog at all was also difficult,” and he had to tell himself, “Bar’s closed,” in order to get back in shape.

I would like to sit on 90 kilos. I believe being 90 is healthy; that way, I can prove to my child that while I may not have muscular eight-pack, a six-pack is also OK.

The actor noted that because health and fitness are important to them as well, his Home And Away co-stars have been incredibly supportive of his weight loss effort.

The actor initially discussed his weight reduction transformation in April, claiming that he was slimming down for his family.

James said in an Instagram post that he had previously struggled to physically ‘keep up’ with Scout, the daughter he has with his former actress fiancée Jessica Marais.

“I was 100 kg. I’m now 88 kg.” I was lethargic… I felt bad and was wearing big shirts,’ the actor admitted.

‘The thing that got to me the most is I couldn’t keep up with my kid… now she has trouble keeping up with me! Haha!’

James, who plays Justin Morgan in the Channel Seven soap, also shared some advice for anyone who is trying to ‘get in shape’ – revealing the progress was not as easy as it sounds.

‘To all of you tryin to get in shape I’m not gunna sugar coat it… instead of beers and burgers grab a protein shake and a salad.. then just put your trainers on and go train!’ he said.

In his caption, he opened up about his weight loss journey, explaining that he was struggling to physically ‘keep up’ with his Scout, (centre) who he shares with his actress ex-girlfriend Jessica Marais (right)


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