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EXCLUSIVE: Felicity spirals out of control as she stops at nothing to prove her father was murdered in the explosive final week of Home and Away

Felicity, who is at odds with her brother after her father’s death, resolves this week to drown her sorrows in a spiral of self-pity – and no one will stand in her way. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane enjoy spending time together on the beach until she receives a text from her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Cash has made preparations to visit their father’s cemetery as his father’s memorial approaches. Felicity, on the other hand, is adamantly opposed to it. Felicity feels he was killed, despite the fact that his death was deemed a suicide.

Felicity tells TV WEEK that she believes her father was murdered because he would never abandon his children. “Someone must have killed him in her thoughts.”

Cash leaves town for the memorial after failing to reach his sister, allowing Felicity to spiral out of control. Jasmine portrays Felicity’s babysitter, seeking to limit her shenanigans to a bare minimum as she wanders about town inebriated.

Felicity goes out with a gang of unknown males when she isn’t looking. Jasmine becomes enraged and tries to take Felicity away, but Felicity becomes enraged and demands her to “back off!” before continuing the celebration.

Jacqui states, “Felicity’s mental state is progressively worsening.” “She’s heartbroken and in denial.” When she begins to drink, it just serves to amplify her feelings of rage and sadness.

“As a result, she says a lot of things now that she will soon regret.”


Jasmine later calls Cash to tell him about her night. The cop is frightened about his sister, and what he’s learned about their father may be enough to push her over the brink…


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