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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity spirals out of control

Felicity spirals out of control as the day of her father’s memorial approaches in the final week of Home and Away in Australia. Will Jasmine and Tane be able to help her cope with the pain?

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and her brother, Cash, came in Summer Bay in August of this year (Nicholas Cartwright).

Cash got a Senior Constable post at Yabbie Creek Police Station, and the two moved from the country to the coastal town, but it was evident that Cash would spend more time battling his sister’s problems than confronting criminals.

Felicity’s problems were evident from the start, as she screamed at a neighbour who had filed a noise complaint against them.

Cash had no clue his sister had been playing music while he was at work, and she’d even gone so far as to hide the council’s warning notes.

The couple was finally evicted from their rented house, and when they returned home one day, they saw all of their goods stacked in the car port.

Felicity was alarmed to see her belongings abandoned to the elements, and she dashed towards the heap in quest of her prized picture album, which she hugged closely to her bosom.

Only the images remain as a link between Felicity and her parents. Her mother died after a long illness, leaving their father to care for his two children while still managing his drought-stricken farm.

Cash claims that after their father’s business failed, he felt he couldn’t carry on any longer. He eventually committed suicide, and Felicity and Cash were placed in foster care.

Felicity was deeply affected by their parents’ deaths, and she never recovered. She’s spent the last decade refusing to accept her father’s decision to abandon them, and she’s made up her own version of events. She feels her father was killed, and she resents Cash for accepting the suicide tale and failing to investigate his death using his police powers.

Cash visits their father’s grave every year on the anniversary of his death. It’s an opportunity for people who knew him to reunite and pay tribute to him, but Cash has always been forced to attend alone. Felicity refuses to accompany him, unwilling to face another day in a room filled with people who accept the “lies” surrounding his death.

Her final visit to her father’s grave was on the day of his burial.

“She feels her father was assassinated because her father would never abandon his children,” Jacqui told TV Week. “Someone must have killed him in her thoughts.”

Felicity realised the impact of her brother’s solitary visits to the monument in recent episodes. She agreed to accompany him if he would reopen the inquiry into their father’s death.

Cash had no choice but to decline her request since, for one thing, he lacked the right to do so, and he still refuses to believe their father’s death was anything other than suicide.

“Why have you embraced a lie?” Felicity inquired, but Cash said, “Dad deserves more than this.”

As Cash left town, they said a tearful goodbye, putting his new girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) in charge of keeping Felicity occupied and engaged.

Sadly, Felicity struggles to cope while her brother is abroad this week, and things take a turn for the worse. Every year, she spirals out of control, and not even her new friend Jasmine and lover Tane can help her deal with the significance of the day.

While Felicity’s freshly repaired relationship with Tane (Ethan Browne) appears to be moving from strength to strength as a consequence of their shared abduction experience just a few weeks ago, it appears that they’re in for a fight as Felicity seeks solace in booze.

As the anniversary of her father’s death approaches, Felicity begins to drink heavily. Jasmine has previously partied with Felicity and is familiar with her behaviour after a few too many glasses of wine, but she still battles to keep her in check.

Felicity had walked off with some strange man she just met before Jasmine realises it. Jasmine tries to persuade Felicity to return home, but according to TV Week, an enraged Felicity warns her to “back off” before continuing to party with the males.

“She’s upset and in denial,” Jacqui explains. “When she starts drinking, it simply serves to amplify her rage and sadness.” So she says a lot of things now that she will soon regret.”

Is there, however, a major shift in the horizon?

When Flick phones her brother to tell him about her wild night, he is understandably concerned… But he’s just learned something new regarding their father’s death that could make her emotional condition even worse!

What exactly is it?

Felicity and Tane are also seen on the road in a teaser for the last week.

After Felicity has admired her hunky lover cutting up the firewood, the two walk to a distant log cabin together and snuggle up close to the log fire.

Will Felicity’s new man and some time away be just what she needs to deal with her emotional baggage?


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