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7 Upcoming huge Home and Away spoilers Including a Shocking Murder, a dangerous game and shock autopsy

Fans can expect several shocking storylines to unfold this week on Home and Away, as Chloe (Sam Barrett) does something that will change her life forever, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo’s (Matt Evans) pranks go too far, and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) learns a terrible truth when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) shows her files about her father’s death.

Chloe has been getting closer to Matthew (James Sweeny), forcing Mia (Anna Samson) to reveal the truth about why she despises him so much. Chloe feels enraged and disgusted, both with Mia and with herself. She ignores Matthew for a while, but he eventually shows up at her place to confront her. Mia tries to interfere, but as Matthew grabs her mother, Chloe takes action to stop him, which sets in motion a chain of events that will change Mia’s life forever.

Ryder and Theo, on the other hand, are planning a video prank unlike any other. They appear to be completely clueless to the fact that they are about to bury Ryder six feet underground in his own coffin for five hours. Theo leaves for lunch after Ryder is in the box, but Ryder is enraged and tells him to return. Theo slips down a ravine on his way through and becomes unconscious — will he be able to wake up in time to free Ryder from his coffin?

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, February 28.

Felicity is confronted with the hard reality of her father’s death

While Cash comes to their hometown for the memorial, Felicity has been dealing with her father’s death on a yearly basis. She initially intended to leave for a bit, but she ultimately decides to stay and try to reconnect with her brother. When Cash arrives, though, he informs Jasmine that he has an idea that will convince Felicity to believe him when it comes to the cause of their father’s death. As a result, she may grow to despise him indefinitely. After some deliberation, he decides to text Felicity. When she approaches him, he informs her that he has their father’s file. He takes her to a seat and instructs her to read the autopsy report. Felicity begins reading through with trepidation.

And it’s evident that the information is too much for her to bear. Grief overwhelms her once more, and she flees, leaving Cash to wonder if he’s made the biggest mistake of his life.

Logan and Mackenzie’s relationship is harmed by Bella

After spending some time at Nikau’s, Bella returns to the Pier Apartment to find Logan settling in. After a few awkward talks, she asks whether he’s moved in, which he confirms, puzzled — Mackenzie didn’t tell her? Bella is enraged and confronts Mackenzie, demanding to know why she never informed her that they were due to acquire a new roommate. Bella is seldom home anyhow, Mackenzie adds, because she’s constantly at Nikau’s, so having Logan pay a percentage of the rent is quite beneficial. Bella, on the other hand, makes it clear to both Mackenzie and Logan that she does not want him to live there, and Logan feels the strain. Logan grows concerned when Mackenzie tries to reach an agreement by bringing up discussions about ground rules and boundaries. He tells Mackenzie that it’s better if he moves out that night because he doesn’t want to stay in another house share after living in barracks. Mackenzie is upset when he is called into work before he can explain further.


Ziggy learns that Brody and Simone have a child

Ziggy is in the Diner talking shop with Justin when her boss receives a text from Brody informing her that Simone has just given birth. Justin is overjoyed to see images of the new baby and eagerly shares them with the rest of the diner. Meanwhile, Ziggy was completely unaware of the pregnancy and is shocked — her ex-husband had a child with the woman with whom he cheated on her?! Justin realises he’s been inconsiderate when she walks out to get some fresh air. He pursues her and apologises, and Ziggy claims she has no idea why she is so enraged. She’s settled down with Dean and has moved on… She simply cannot accept Brody and Simone’s happiness after what they have done. Dean confronts Ziggy later that evening, and she is visibly disturbed. She informs him about Brody and expresses her dissatisfaction with the fact that everyone else seems to be going on with their life except them. Dean is shocked to learn of his girlfriend’s dissatisfaction.

Ryder is buried alive in an underground coffin for five hours

Ryder and Theo have been brainstorming fresh video prank ideas for a while, but Ryder gets inspired when he visits Martha in the hospital and discovers her macarbre pamphlet for coffins. He informs Theo that they need to go out into the bush and dig a shallow hole for him because he’s going to bury himself alive for five hours. The two set right to work digging the hole before shooting a captivating video intro. Theo then fills the hole in Ryder’s temporary resting place, pledging to stay close by until the timer runs out. He becomes bored after an hour and goes to the Diner for lunch…

Will Matthew live after Chloe strikes him in the head with a brick?

Mia realises it’s time to tell her daughter the truth about why she despises him when she discovers she’s planning to move in with him. When Chloe discovers that Matthew exploited Mia when they were younger, she is enraged with Mia for allowing her to live a lie and embarrassed with herself for allowing Matthew into their lives. She begins to ignore Matthew’s calls, but he does not take rejection well and arrives at her home to demand answers. He won’t listen to her when she tells him he needs to leave their lives. Mia arrives to help, but her presence enrages Matthew, who grabs her and accuses her of stealing Chloe from him. Chloe grabs a brick from the ground and smacks Matthew in the head with it, desperate to save her mother. He passes out on the floor, leaving the two women speechless. What has Chloe accomplished?

Ryder is stranded underground after Theo falls into a ravine

When Ryder opens his packed lunch from Theo, he has been underground for an hour. He’s enraged, though, to discover that Theo has packed him a bunch of chillies as a prank. He dials Theo’s number, but he doesn’t answer. When he finally gets through, he’s both irritated and terrified to learn that Theo has returned to town for lunch. He tells Theo to return right away, and Theo eventually gives in. Theo, however, trips and falls into a gully on his way back into the jungle, banging his head and knocking himself out. Ryder is horrified as he hears the call cut off – where is Theo, and is he now trapped beneath with his oxygen levels rapidly depleting?

Mia is being pursued by Cash, who has a body in the back of her car

Mia and Chloe cram Matthew into the back of his own car, and Mia urges her daughter to go inside and not tell anyone what happened. Chloe wanders to the sofa in a fog, still shocked. Mia, on the other hand, braces herself for the task ahead and climbs into the car. She starts driving fast to get out of the Bay and dispose of the evidence, but it’s not long until Cash notices the unusual vehicle and follows it. Mia is divided between what to do when she sees the flashing lights behind her and chooses to accelerate up and try to avoid the cops. Cash requests assistance… Meanwhile, Ari returns home to find Chloe on the sofa, lifeless. He tries to call Mia, but she doesn’t answer as she continues her attempt to elude the cops…


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