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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos to face big backlash after Ryder Jackson burial stunt

Summer Bay’s residents are outraged by Theo Poulos’ newest stunt with Ryder Jackson, and he will face his largest response yet on UK televisions next week.

Since joining the Bay last year, Theo (Matt Evans) has gotten himself into a lot of trouble, but the biggest drama is still to come as his internet video stunts go too far.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) agrees to be buried alive in a coffin for the enjoyment of their online fans, who will be able to witness the whole affair on a livestream.

When Theo breaks his pledge to stay next to the grave for the whole five-hour challenge, the plan goes awry.

Theo abandons Ryder to go buy himself some lunch, only to be involved in a serious car accident on the way back. When Theo trips and passes out, it could be fatal for Ryder because no one else in the Bay knows where he is.

Theo’s ankle is bleeding and entangled in a trap even when he regains consciousness.

He also doesn’t have access to his phone, so he can’t help Ryder or raise the alarm.


Ryder meets his five-hour deadline and attempts to break free from the coffin, but is forced to halt when he is nearly suffocated by falling dirt.

As Ryder and Theo failed to return home the night before, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker), and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) trade notes the next day.

When Roo and Justin go to the lads’ video channel, they are shocked to find the burial challenge. Thankfully, Roo recognises the burial site and hurries off with Justin to locate them.

When Roo and Justin arrive, Theo is still bound and wounded, but he sends them to the burial location to save Ryder first.

Roo and Justin dig swiftly and rip the coffin lid open, revealing an unconscious Ryder within.

Roo screams at a distraught Theo later in the hospital, as Ryder’s fate remains unknown.

Alf also approaches Theo, accusing him of being the perpetrator of the event. Justin refutes this, demonstrating to Alf and Roo that Ryder was not buried without his consent by showing them the video challenge footage.

When Ryder regains consciousness and makes peace with Theo, who apologises for abandoning him, there is relief all around.

The bond between the two is repaired, but Alf is enraged and tells Theo to stay away from his grandson from now on.

The effects of this tragedy appear to be far from ended, with the lads being prohibited from seeing each other and resentments smouldering in their families.


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