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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Theo proves to be a polarising presence in the Bay next week on Home and Away, causing difficulties for Ryder and Justin.

Ari gets dragged back into shady deals for what he considers to be the greater good, while Ziggy returns to reconnect with Dean.

Here’s a complete list of the 12 major events coming up.

  1. Chloe attempts to scare Theo away

Theo, a newcomer, definitely has emotions for Chloe and attempts to seduce her every time they meet. Chloe agrees to accompany Theo around the Bay when Leah asks her, but she tells him that she already has a boyfriend.

Later, Theo encounters Ryder, who appears exhausted and stressed as he juggles his obligations with the food company, Salt, and Dean’s board shop. Theo tells Chloe that she is deserving of more, but Chloe defends Ryder, pointing out that he is working three jobs to support his buddies.

  1. Leah must inform Theo that he must depart

Justin is still perplexed by Theo’s mysterious injuries. Theo claims that he was the victim of a carjacking attempt, but Justin has his doubts.

When Justin interrogates Theo, he finally admits to being raped by individuals seeking vengeance for an insurance scam he orchestrated back at home.

Leah determines that Theo’s presence may endanger her family and asks him to leave; however, she subsequently agrees to pay for him to stay at a motel.

  1. Ryder disappoints Chloe

After many weeks of pushing himself too hard, Ryder accepts some advise from Chloe and Alf and gets a good night’s sleep. Ryder, on the other hand, sleeps in while he’s meant to be delivering the newest food supplies with Chloe.

Because Ryder is nowhere to be found, Chloe has no choice but to accept Theo’s offer to assist her with the deliveries. When Ryder sees that Theo has taken his post, he is horrified, and he realises that he needs to delegate one of his current projects – maintaining Dean’s board shop – to someone else.

  1. Justin makes an attempt to give Theo a chance

Leah makes it plain that she would only assist Theo with the hotel until he has found work and is able to support himself. Justin tries to assist by giving Theo a job at the garage, but Theo quickly rejects it.

Theo confronts Leah about his suspicions that she was the one who offered her the position. Leah answers by telling Theo some hard realities about how it’s time for him to take charge of his life. Theo mulls over her remarks before telling Justin that he would take the job offer.

  1. Theo’s first day is a letdown

Theo’s bad behaviour continues as he shows up late for his first shift at the garage and breaks the rules on purpose. Justin cautions him to make this arrangement work, if only for Leah’s sake.

When Leah takes lunch for the boys, she is relieved to see how well they get along. When Theo claims to have a migraine and insists on returning home, he demonstrates his unreliability. Justin is dissatisfied that Theo failed to complete a full shift on his first day.

  1. John is afraid of being humiliated in front of others

John has reserved an entire table for Martha’s forthcoming fundraiser, but he’s caught off guard when she asks for the names of everyone who will be seated with him. John hasn’t yet planned for anybody else to accompany him, and he’s worried that if he can’t fill the seats, he’ll appear to be a loner.

John asks Irene for assistance when she returns after a trip away, and she promises to make it her goal to find him the statistics he requires.

  1. Ari is more daring

After Mia chose to buy the gym with the proceeds from his armed robbery some years ago, Ari has to meet up with some sketchy individuals. To prevent alerting suspicion, the money must be cleaned, which means Ari will have to deal with some hazardous people.

Tane backs Ari up while he completes his objective, and the strategy pays off when he returns with a bank check. Mia is ecstatic, while Ari hopes that crossing the boundary will be worthwhile.

  1. Tori and Christian must make a choice

Tori was told that her application and interview for a hospital position in London went well. She’s taken aback when she learns that there’s a catch: the work will begin in two weeks.

Tori is distraught at the prospect of having to uproot her entire life in a short period of time, as well as having to rearrange her wedding preparations yet again.

Tori arranges for the ceremony to be moved forward and asks Justin to be the one to give her away. Justin refuses to accept the news that his sister will be living on the other side of the planet.

  1. Nikau makes a choice regarding the board shop

Ryder is seeking for someone to take his job at the board shop, which surprises Nikau and Chloe. Ryder explains himself to Dean, saying that he can no longer deal with helping out and that he requires assistance.

Nikau recognises a chance to assist and steps in to cover Ryder’s shifts. He confesses he has no surfing experience, but he blames himself for Dean’s accident and wants to help.

  1. Mackenzie requests that Ziggy return

In the absence of Ziggy, Bella observes telltale indicators that Dean is growing overly reliant on Mac. When Bella brings it up, Mac agrees and says that Ziggy should return home.

Mac contacts Ziggy and claims that Dean now wants her to return home because he was the one who urged her to go.

  1. Dean is unsettled by Ziggy’s reappearance

When Ziggy returns home, Dean is furious, and he makes it plain that Mac enticed her back under false pretences. Despite Dean’s negative reaction, Mac goes forward with her plan to distance herself from his troubles.

Ziggy makes an attempt to return to the farm house, but Dean orders her to leave once more. She takes a position against Dean, stating that it is her home and that he has no choice but to speak with her.

  1. Jasmine has doubts about her connection

Mackenzie and Logan can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, which makes Jasmine wonder why her relationship with Cash is taking so long.

When Felicity discovers what’s going on, she can’t help but tease her brother, which enrages him. Felicity makes apologies by providing Jasmine with information on her brother, emphasising that she must take the initiative if she wants to move forward with him.


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