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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to be caught out over Tane deception

Felicity Newman of Home and Away will soon come to light as her husband Tane Parata’s deceit is exposed.

Felicity recently decided to have a family with Tane, but she is keeping her contraceptive pill usage a secret and hiding her reservations about being a mother.

In sequences that will premiere in the UK in the upcoming weeks, Tane informs Mackenzie Booth that they are attempting to conceive, to which Mac is ecstatic.

However, an uncertain Felicity is less thrilled to hear yet more baby talk from her husband and continues to dodge the subject at work.

When Mackenzie comes across Felicity’s secret stash of contraceptive pills, she makes it clear to Felicity that she can’t condone her lies and urges her to come clean to Tane.An under-pressure Felicity later tells Tane that they need to talk.

However, she gives in to her husband’s excitement about beginning a family once more and refrains from telling him the truth.

Rather, she acts as though Tane telling Mackenzie everything about their plans for a baby has upset her.

Felicity is crushed with remorse over her doubts and her delaying strategies as he repeatedly brings up the subject of having children despite his assurances that he won’t do it again.

How much longer can Felicity continue to tell lies, and what will Tane do when he finds out?


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