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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

What’s next in Summer Bay?

Spoilers for UK fans of Home and Away are below.

Coming up on Home and Away, Bella makes a surprise return to the Bay, and Mackenzie learns the truth about Gabe’s cancer diagnosis.

In other news, Felicity is charged with drunk driving, while Ava ups the ante to win Theo’s love.

Here is a complete schedule of the upcoming 11 significant events.

  1. Gabe rejects Mac

Loved-up Without any idea that Gabe might have cancer, Mackenzie is focused on the future they will share. At the hospital, Gabe urges Bree to keep his Non-Hodgkin lymphoma a secret and declines tests to determine if it has returned.

When Mac surprises Gabe with a romantic cocktail and invites him to move in with her as he is returning home with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Gabe is taken aback. Mac is perplexed by Gabe’s conflicting signals when he tells her he’s not ready then leaves because he’s overwhelmed.

  1. Mac discovers Gabe’s secret

Mac goes to Dean for solace when he is upset. When Dean locates Gabe, he confronts him about his actions. He is shocked, though, when Gabe informs him that his cancer may return and that he is considering divorcing Mac to spare her any additional suffering.

Gabe urges Dean to remain silent, but he is powerless to protect Mac from learning the truth.

Mac is shocked to learn that Gabe has cancer and wonders how she could have possibly missed the fact that he was even in remission. Gabe admits that he didn’t want to burden her because he believed he had conquered the illness.

When Gabe says he has declined any follow-up testing or chemotherapy, Mac is shocked, but he swears to keep trying for him. Gabe is able to face his worries thanks to her encouragement, and he vows that they will fight cancer together if it is the cause.

  1. Ziggy’s fears intensify

Ziggy, who is too cautious in the wake of Izzy’s health scare, insists on only consuming organic salads and using natural cleaning supplies.

Dean is doing all in his power to soothe her anxiety, but things get heated when he learns Marilyn has been requested to “detox” the house and Ziggy insists he wash his hands before handling the baby.

Dean worries that they are going too far while Marilyn is happy to help Ziggy clean up the place with crystals.

When confronted by Ziggy, Dean acknowledges that he was likewise scared when Izzy became unwell, but he is adamant that their daughter will suffer because of the incessant fussing. The couple comes to an understanding and decides to adjust a few things, but not too much.

  1. Bella is back in the Bay

When Bella shows up at Dean and Ziggy’s door, they are taken by surprise. Bella says that she has finished her show abroad and is returning briefly to visit Izzy.

Bella claims she isn’t interested in catching up with Nikau, but when they cross paths, they settle down for a conversation. Bella interrupts Nikau while he is making awkward small chat, telling him that her life is fantastic and that he did her a favour by ending their relationship.

Despite her angry statements, Bella is still upset over getting the phone call-dismissal. Later, when she returns to the Parata home, she is startled to learn that Nikau stopped things in order to keep her safe from the bikies.

Nikau wants them to give it another shot, but Bella rejects him and says she’s content with life in New York.

  1. Felicity lashes out at Cash

Tane, who is still in shock over his split with Felicity, gathers the rest of her possessions and texts her to pick them up.

Felicity is put into a tailspin by his message, and when Cash shows over to check on her, she incorrectly believes Tane sent him. She commands her brother to leave her life after telling him to search her van for alcohol in a moment of wrath.

Later, Felicity reveals to Eden that she doesn’t want her relationship with Tane to end, but she decides to drown her sorrows rather than make amends with him.

  1. Felicity is caught drink driving

The next day, Felicity picks up her belongings from Tane’s and continues to drink vodka out of a hip flask.

Felicity spots Cash on duty while she and Eden are driving back after finishing the mission. Although she makes a U-turn after realising she is intoxicated, Cash and Rose have already seen her car and are on the chase.

Eden tries to take the responsibility as the police close in, but Felicity is given a three-month licence suspension after failing the roadside alcohol test.

  1. Felicity begs for forgiveness

Cash is horrified by Felicity’s careless behaviour and waits until they get home before attacking her. She pushes back, but when she is alone by herself in her trailer, she sobs.

Cash laments to Eden in the meantime, wanting to know why Felicity is so determined to harm everyone she loves about.

Later, Eden pays Felicity a visit and urges her to get assistance. The sisters embrace deeply as she brings her to see Cash.

Felicity begs for Cash’s forgiveness even though she knows she doesn’t deserve it and makes him promise never to bring up the crash again.

  1. Kirby warns Ava off Theo

As she observes Ava swoon over Theo, Irene and others worry that problems may be on the horizon. Ava’s continual presence is beginning to annoy Kirby as well, especially when she tricks Theo into spending more time with her.

Theo informs his fiancée that Justin is making life difficult for Ava, but he rejects Kirby’s cautions that the child may harbour affections for him.

Ava makes a remark about how much Theo’s admirers adore him, and Kirby initially decides to hold her tongue. However, when Kirby realises that sometimes a crush is really a fantasy, she speaks up.

  1. Ava’s scheming continues

Kirby, alarmed by Ava’s comment, asks Theo to set her right, but he refuses, maintaining that she is just a young child. Ava, who is overhearing their chat, finds the label to be insulting.

Ava, hurt by Theo’s remarks, asks that she accompany him and Kirby to see Shark Alley. Ava is unfazed when Theo points out that the gig is for adults only and gets ready to go anyhow.

When Justin discovers what Ava is doing, he is furious and seizes her phone. When Justin goes to check on her after she storms out, he discovers that his daughter’s bedroom is vacant.

Ava shows up at Salt prepared for the gig and tries to order a drink, which surprises Theo and Kirby. She is enraged when Theo forbids her from purchasing alcohol, and she manages to tip off the pair before Justin shows up to the pub in search of her.

  1. Alf and John are at war

John is still furious over the negative email Alf sent him and is not in the mood to forget. Roo ultimately persuades her father to embrace the new technology, but Alf is obstinate and hesitant to apologise to John.

Alf changes his mind after speaking with Marilyn, and he makes an effort to put things right. John doesn’t want to know, though, and he threatens to report Alf to the police for stalking and libel.

John then sends a letter of complaint about Alf to the surf club committee while remaining steadfast, which just serves to infuriate Alf more.

As the situation between the two escalates, Roo is compelled to step in and entreat John to accept Alf’s apologies for the benefit of everyone. As a result of her pleading, John relents and withdraws the complaint, and Alf consents to email an apology.

  1. Mali is hiding something

Mali surprises Rose with a surf lesson on the beach as his love for her deepen. The two are having a good time together, but Mali becomes uneasy when he gets a text from an unknown sender.

Rose and Mali decide to attend a BBQ at his house after flirting their way through the class. Everything is going smoothly until Mali receives a call from the same individual.

Mali owns up and reveals he was chatting to his sister, who is like a second mother to him, when Rose believes he is seeing someone else.

Mali fears Rose will reject his confession, but his candour has the opposite impact and the two decide to spend the night together.


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