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Home and Away’s Ari Parata and Mia Anderson fear exit for Chloe

Ari Parata and Mia Anderson, who star as Ari and Mia on Home and Away, are worried that Chloe may be gone forever from UK television screens next week.

Since Chloe’s long-lost father Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny) joined Summer Bay, the couple’s family dynamic has been flipped upside down.

Mia (Anna Samson) had already told Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) about how she didn’t give Matthew her consent on the night Chloe was born.

Mia has decided not to share this knowledge with Chloe (Sam Barrett), despite Ari’s recommendation. Mia is concerned about how it would affect her daughter.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Chloe tries to mend fences with her family by inviting Matthew to dinner at the Parata home.

Mia is understandably concerned about Matthew’s presence in the house, but she agrees to the plan for Chloe’s sake.

When the topic of how Mia and Matthew met comes up, Matthew’s memories differ significantly from Mia’s.

When the situation becomes too much for Mia, she rushes out from the dining table, leaving Chloe perplexed.

Matthew later uses an offer to attend a prominent business school and live with him in the city to divert Chloe’s attention.

Chloe later tells Mia and Ari about this prospect, and they are afraid that she may soon be living with Matthew.

Ari gently advises Chloe that trusting Matthew is a bad choice. Chloe is perplexed, and she asks Ari to be more precise about his fears, but all he replies is that it’s not his truth to share.

As Mia hits her breaking point, she warns Matthew one final time to leave them alone or she’ll reveal the truth to Chloe about her conception.

Chloe, on the other hand, soon learns that she has been admitted into the college.

Mia realises that she has no choice except to tell Chloe the truth or risk losing her to her father in the city. Is she capable of doing it?


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