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25 soap spoilers: Coronation Street Seb shock, EastEnders kiss, Emmerdale heartbreak, Hollyoaks date

Next week on the soaps, there will be lots of confrontations as some seek answers while others protect their loved ones.
Nina Lucas is hell-bent on bringing Seb Franklin to justice, so she sets out to assassinate Corey Brent in Coronation Street, and when her plans backfire, she threatens to kill him!

When EastEnders’ Jay Brown learns the truth about Suki Panesar wanting to kiss Honey Mitchell, he is determined to defend her, but he ends up antagonising Kheerat.

In Emmerdale, Rodney Blackstock is desperate to capture Diane Sugden’s heart, while Luke Morgan of Hollyoaks wants to kiss Ollie’s girlfriend!

Isn’t this going to be a big week on the soaps?

Can’t wait any longer? There’s no need to be concerned; we’ve compiled a list of 25 must-see moments to keep you entertained till Monday!

Coronation Street

  1. Nina learns that Corey has been named to County’s starting lineup. She swears to name and disgrace him, so she turns to social media and labels him a murderer, but she later comes to regret her actions when he plays the victim. Meanwhile, Kevin shows her Corey’s post-match press conference, and she proclaims her intention to murder him! When Nina sees Corey in Seb’s memorial garden while out for a drive, she seizes the opportunity. Will she take action?
  2. Kevin is worried about Abi after learning that she hasn’t been heard from in weeks. He leaves a new phone message begging her to contact him, and then he reports her missing. However, he is immediately informed of a financial withdrawal from their joint account, prompting him to go to The Dog and Gun with a photo of Abi in the hopes of finding her. At the pub, he runs with Seb’s father, Tez, who says he hasn’t seen Abi. Is Kevin going to believe him?
  3. Sabeen assigns Imran the responsibility of finding Sharon. Imran interrogates Simon, who gladly turns him the phone that Harvey provided him for the drug drops, which he then passes on to Sabeen.
  4. Daniel offers Max assistance with his course work, but Max rejects the offer. Summer offers to mentor Daniel after Daniel expresses his concerns about Max, and Daniel thinks it’s a fantastic idea. Summer tries her hardest to explain atomic structure to Max. Summer’s use of a football pitch comparison piques Max’s attention, and David listens intently, encouraged by what he hears.
  5. Zeedan makes the blunder of informing Debbie about his promotional tasting event. When the local food reviewer shows up at Speed Daal, Alya and Yasmeen are anxious since none of their reservations have arrived. Zeedan, on the other hand, is well aware of what has occurred!
  6. Daisy is pushed by Jenny to serve Leo, a dashing young man who walks into the tavern. Later, Leo joins Jenny and Daisy in the back room to taste more beers, but Daisy is clearly uninterested in him, so she retires to her bed!
  7. The cops send James an apologetic letter in response to his complaint. PC Brody apologises at No. 8, but claims he is not a racist. James admits that he made a snap decision based on his attractiveness and encourages him to do better.


  1. Honey informs Jay that she will be unable to accompany Janet to Miami, but Jay believes Suki is to blame. Jay spills the beans to Kheerat, who puts him up against a wall, and she finally reveals the truth about the kiss! Suki pays Honey a visit later. Suki retaliates by slapping Honey across the face and threatening her! Honey says that she has nothing to be embarrassed of, but Suki retaliates by hitting her across the face and frightening her!
  2. Dotty’s club noughties event gets off to a flying start. Rocky gets Sonia a VIP invitation, but things go wrong when a drunk lady arrives and asks where Kirsty is. Sonia notices this woman, named Sandy, and introduces her to Dotty. It’s her mother!

Martin wants his stall back, but Peter says it’s either the chippy or nothing. He accepts, and Sharon later gives him some advice, reminding him that he’s doing everything he can to help his family. Martin, on the other hand, has a hard time getting along with Peter and complains to Zack about it. Zack takes Peter’s tablet, which he later discovers damaged in the chippy!

  1. Tiffany expresses her dissatisfaction with Keegan’s freezing of their bank account to Sonia. Meanwhile, Keegan asks Tiffany not to take up half of his stall. Later, he meets Bernie and Karen at the Vic and explains that he’s been in touch with Keanu, who has agreed to stay with him for a bit since he has to get out of Walford.
  2. Bernie and Keegan request that Rainie administer a drug test. Rainie panics and confesses that she had taken a sleeping pill the night before. Bernie is concerned that Rainie is abusing her powers once more.
  3. Whitney is worried because she has misplaced her engagement ring. Whitney doesn’t waste any time in throwing the finger at Sandy when Dotty comes home.
  4. Bobby has prepared a peace offering for Dana, but she refuses to accept it.


  1. David has a terrible flashback of the siege, but Victoria assists him and the two have a sweet moment, which is ruined by Meena’s unexpected return. Victoria is barred from seeing David, and Meena takes control of his medicine. To help him cope with the pain of his injury, he’s been prescribed extremely powerful medications. Meena substitutes paracetamol for them and tries to elicit his worry. The murderer smiles, content that he is just where she wants him.
  2. Paddy makes every effort to persuade Marlon and Chas to accept Al’s offer to purchase the bar. Chas, on the other hand, isn’t interested and is playing hardball with Al. She does, however, eventually tell him that he can have a third. Is he going to agree?
  3. When Charles receives a weird message on his phone, he is disturbed. Harriet later notices a troubling text after he refuses a phone call. Charles, on the other hand, has no intention of disclosing the harassing texts to her. He makes a phone call to his tormentor, urging him to quit hounding him, and later has a meeting in the woods. But who is this enigmatic figure?
  4. Rodney is hell-bent on reuniting with Diane, and Diane is irritated when she overhears Belle disparaging her managerial abilities. Rodney begs her to move in with him, and she accepts, but she regrets it after a wild night together.
  5. Tracy sobs with relief after her cathartic postnatal depression group therapy session. She doesn’t feel as though she’s on her own any longer.
  6. Faith is self-medicating in order to cope with her arthritic discomfort.


  1. Brody’s funeral is approaching, but there’s a cupcake delivery smelling like summer! Liberty and Damon are confronted by Sienna about their lack of action, but Damon retaliates by making another jab at Sienna. He then takes surprising action, and Sienna begins to blame herself for what has happened as a result of his comments. Warren provides her with some advise, but she refuses to be dismissed. Damon verbally assaults Sienna once more, but Sienna is unfazed, taking command and barricading herself within the event.
  2. Sienna is assigned to keep an eye on DeMarcus in jail, when she receives a text from Summer requesting to see her! Meanwhile, DeMarcus teases Sienna, resulting in an accident. In the aftermath of the DeMarcus incident, Sienna is concerned about her future, particularly since her teaching certification is approaching. She intends to tell the truth – until he speaks to her and sympathises with her.
  3. Cindy finds Luke has spent all of his inheritance money on gambling. His gamble pays off, and he considers it a win. Cindy, on the other hand, does not! Luke can’t figure out why Cindy isn’t reacting the way he expected, so he walks away. He runs across Ollie’s girlfriend Evie at The Dog. They’re conversing, then Luke moves in to kiss her!
  4. Theresa makes contact with Jack about going on a date with Nana, and it looks that he is intrigued. As a result, she sets a date in action. However, there is one minor snag. Jack believes he is on a date with Theresa! Nana, not so much.
  5. Nancy takes Charlie’s condoms away to keep him from having underage sex, but when they fall out of her bag in front of Brooke and Scott, she realises the hazards of Charlie and Ella having sex without the proper protection. Charlie and Ella decide to have underage sex when they’re sure they’re ready, and Nancy leaves them to it, knowing she’s talked to them about it.


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