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Tammin Sursok is fined $300 and loses demerit points after driving 8km over the speed limit

Tammin Sursok, a former star of Home and Away, has generated outrage online after being fined $300 and losing demerit points for exceeding the speed limit by 8 kilometers over the weekend.

The 38-year-old actress, who portrayed Dani Sutherland on the famous Seven drama, shared a photo of the fine she received for driving 58km/hr in a 50km/hr zone in Victoria on her Instagram stories.

She described the “points loss” as “excessive,” noting that she didn’t want to “slam on the brakes for… safety” when exiting a motorway at 70km/h.

After pondering if there should be “some tolerance” when exiting a motorway, she asked her followers for their “thoughts” on the fine.

She stated in the Stories post, “Got a driving ticket from Australia.”

“I drove 58 kilometers in a 50-kilometer race.” Loss of $300 and points “Thoughts?” I mean.

“FYI,” she added afterwards. I enjoy following rules. Fines are something I’m happy to pay.


“I believe it is critical to drive safely.

“I’ve never had a ticket in my life!” (Except when I was about to go into labor and needed a map on my phone.)

“I think point deductions severe, especially given the speed was 70 on the highway and I didn’t want to slam on the brakes (sic) for safety reasons.”

She then said that she had received a flood of direct messages from fans.

She wrote, “I wish I could share all of you dm.”

“Nearly a thousand responses” (sic).

“I enjoy hearing other people’s perspectives. There aren’t many aggressive ones. It isn’t required.

“It’s critical to start a conversation.

“We can disagree without being obnoxious.” When you are, it just weakens your case.

“I’m not taking anything personally (sic).”

The actress went on to remark that she “drives like a grandmother… probably slower” in her everyday life.

“However, the topic at hand is whether we should have some leanancy (sic) when exiting roads because you have to slow down,” she added.

“There’s a pause.

“What is’reasonable’ (I’ve seen some dms where a $400 fine was imposed for having a body part out of the car.

“Your arm should be on the arm rest where the window comes down in the photographs.”

The Pretty Little Liars star then asked if fines in school zones should be increased (“I believe so”), before concluding, “Any other thoughts?”

The actress’s Instagram Stories post has now expired, and on Sunday she posted about a broken elevator at a hotel where she and her family are staying.

“The Easter bunny hasn’t arrived yet because the elevator broke down last night where we were staying and all the businesses were closed once we were able to get out the building!!,” she wrote to husband Sean McEwen, sharing a photo of her two girls.

“So we told them that the Easter bunny reportedly doesn’t enjoy climbing 7 flights of stairs because he has sore legs from visiting all the kids, but he said he’d come if we were out at lunch.”

“Here’s to the parents who are trying to make everything work!”


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