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Neighbours theory: Karl Kennedy betrays Susan as beloved character’s exit plot exposed

In Neighbours, Karl (Alan Fletcher) appears to be disappointed that Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) has been able to purchase a wonderful new property with stunning views of the Australian countryside surroundings. As a result, the doctor intended to cash in on his colleague’s apparent success with investments in order to achieve the same level of success. Unfortunately, in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap, his techniques will be a little unconventional, as he appears to make preparations without consulting Susan (Jackie Woodburne).

The turmoil from this week’s episodes continues, with Karl expressing interest in investing in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) cosmetics business.

The doctor was frustrated when Susan didn’t seem to be on the same page as him after talking it over with his wife.

By the time the next instalments arrive, neither of them has reached an agreement, with Susan continuing to encourage her husband to invest in The Tram.

Karl chooses to hand over $20,000 worth of investment behind her back in a dramatic treachery twist, expecting to enjoy the benefits of his actions.

While the doctor is pleased with his accomplishment, he is aware that what he has done is wrong, and he regrets not informing his wife.

Montana’s business, on the other hand, isn’t as viable as he believes it is, as she is actually attempting to escape the tax office.


After scamming the tax office, she owes the government a large sum of money, according to Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) private investigator.

Karl has put down a significant lot of money, and if he discovers the cosmetic line isn’t going to pay him the amount he expects, he may find himself upstream without a paddle.

He’ll have to explain himself to Susan because he won’t be able to replace the $20,000 missing from their account.

She’ll be enraged when she learns of this transgression, especially after she told him not to invest without her permission.

With the show’s 37-year run coming to an end later this year, the writers are currently pondering how to wind up each character’s tales.

This could be one of the ways Karl and Susan say their goodbyes to Ramsay Street, their home for the past three decades.

Because their finances will be extremely tight, the couple may find themselves unable to keep up with their mortgage payments.

Their only choice would be to sell their home, allowing them to obtain funds to continue living their lives and purchase a smaller home.

Susan may believe that divorcing her husband would be a much better option, thus this will not be an easy decision to make.

However, the marriage has been through so much over the last three decades that it would be tragic to watch them divorce at the last minute.

Breaking up one of the show’s most-loved couples would be heresy, therefore the build-up to the final episode, which is planned to air in August, will be a dedication to the show’s devoted fans.

However, seeing them go would not only signal the end of their time on Ramsay Street, but also the beginning of a new chapter for another family.

If the iconic daily show is brought back to life in a few years, these people could be engaged in future plots.

Since the announcement that the soap will be ending, both the actors who play Karl and Susan, Alan and Jackie, have expressed their thoughts.

Alan remarked on ITV’s This Morning earlier this month: “For many years, Channel 5 has been a great, amazing partner for Neighbours.

“In the current commercial climate, [Channel 5] has decided to alter courses, and that is, of course, their choice.

“We appreciate their tremendous assistance over the years, but their priorities have shifted.

“That’s just the reality of television, I’m afraid.

“We’ve had amazing stewardship of a show that millions of people adore, and now we’ve got the duty of bringing that show home in a way that will make it truly, truly remarkable.”

Jackie also expressed her opinion in an interview with The Project in Australia two days after the news was released, explaining: “The previous 24 or 36 hours have been an unbelievable rollercoaster, as you might imagine. It’s a lot of data to take in and process.

“I’m still a little taken aback and overwhelmed.

“We had a meeting today when our producers gave us some more information, really nothing new, but, look, I have to tell, the feeling was one of… it was just, it was pretty nice.”

“Everyone is depressed.” We’re all crying and sad about it, but we’re all so determined to bring this show home as soon as possible.”

Will Karl and Susan finally find the happy ending they’ve always wanted, or will there be more heartache ahead?


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