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Neighbours’ story team finish work on soap after mapping out final episodes

The Neighbours authors gathered in Rebekah Elmaloglou’s fictional home for a get-together and food-filled send-off.

The narrative team’s final day in the writers’ room as they locked in the final episode was marked by Rebekah, who portrays Terese Willis on the soap, lending her patio to the team, and the garden table was filled with a feast to mark the storey team’s final day in the writers’ room.

Shane Isheev, the script producer for Neighbours, captured the moment on Twitter with a series of photos and a few moving remarks.

One Neighbours fan tweeted in response to the post, saying: “So depressing. But just know how grateful we fans are for everything you’ve done. You’ve done a fantastic job weaving drama, intrigue, emotion, and humour together. Even the most absurd plots have been brought to life convincingly in your capable hands. We congratulate you.”

Shane received a response from a fan who said: “Thank you everyone for your incredible work on the #Neighbours stories; your love for the show has shone through over the years, and it’s one of the reasons it’s so popular. It’s heartbreaking for you all.”

A third supporter stated: “I’m off again, just as I’d stopped crying about the show ending. Thank you all so much for the joy, drama, and pure amusement you’ve brought me xxx.”

The fans’ outpouring of love and dedication comes following last month’s rumours that Neighbours was on the verge of being cancelled.


The revelation was confirmed by Channel 5 in an official statement to Digital Spy at the time, with the hope that it may be salvaged.

However, it has now been revealed that the soap has been unable to get funding from another network and will be cancelled after 37 years on the air.


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