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Neighbours spoilers: Huge school fire kills Mackenzie and Hendrix?

Is Hendrix and Mackenzie’s love storey in Neighbours about to go up in flames? A prankster strikes once more, trapping Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) in the centre with only Hendrix (Benny Turland) to save her. Will they, however, both lose the fight?

Being friends with Zara (Freya Van Dyke) could be fatal for these infatuated teenagers. They go to the party and have a great time being romantic and gushing over each other. Hendrix, Mackenzie has no idea, has a dreadful secret that might burst their bubble: he kissed Zara.

When Mackenzie discovers the secret, it’s ready to go nuclear, and Zara is soon faced by an enraged girlfriend and her boyfriend. Zara is shocked, but partly because she realises that this implies Sadie and Aubrey have deceived her — her only pals are no longer her friends.

Zara’s fury has manifested itself in a new fire at the school before anybody realises it, and this one is serious. Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is obliged to conduct an emergency evacuation when the building catches fire, but the fire is too fierce to get everyone out at once. Several pupils have gone missing, and Jane (Annie Jones) risks her life to discover them.

While some pupils are known to be missing, there are two more who are stuck and no one knows. Zara and Mackenzie had found themselves trapped with no way out.

Hendrix, on the other hand, is tuned in to his girlfriend and senses something is wrong, so when he can’t reach her, he goes seeking for her. He notices she’s engulfed in flames and decides to save her. He’s running out of time to get her out alive; she’s drifting in and out of consciousness, and it’s too much for him to handle on his own. Is it possible that these two lovers are about to die together? Is Zara the one who is to blame?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 28.



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