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Neighbours spoilers: David and Freya’s mystery blackmailer revealed as they face the music in major twist

Next week on Neighbours, Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) will face the consequences of their role in Gareth Bateman’s death.

Gareth died during the tumultuous voyage to River Bend, after he kidnapped Freya, fought Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), and shot Levi Canning (Richie Morris).

Freya regained control of the situation by crashing the van into a car, sending Gareth flying through the windscreen. David, who happened to be passing by at the moment, assisted the injured person.

When Freya informed him that he was responsible for Aaron’s life-threatening injuries, he pondered assisting the dying Gareth.

Gareth died as a result of the doctor’s indecision, but he soon began to regret his mistake, reminding Freya that he is there to save lives, not take them.

Although a police inquiry into Gareth’s death was begun, David and Freya maintained their original narrative, stating that the first aid box in their hands lacked the necessary equipment to save Gareth’s life.

As a result, the death was deemed accidental, with the coroner’s report claiming that Gareth’s injuries were so serious that he would have died anyhow.

However, David’s misery was far from finished, as he was later blackmailed and tormented by a mysterious local who claimed to know what he had done.

Freya speculated that Gareth’s girlfriend Emma was behind the scheme, while David speculated that antagonist Dean was involved, although neither idea has been proven.

The blackmailer ups the ante the following week, compelling Freya to act, as she contacts her estranged brother Zane in the hopes of obtaining part of the funds needed to meet the tormentor’s demands.

Zane is hesitant at first, but Freya begs him for help, and he eventually decides to lend her the money she needs.

Freya is overjoyed, but even though she has the money, she and David are not out of the woods yet.

Meanwhile, David has Dean’s car keys!

Freya is enraged, but David only wants the blackmailing to end, so he confronts Dean once more, pleading with him to quit playing games.

Dean maintains he has no idea what he’s talking about, leaving David and Freya with little options.

They make the decision to confess!

The hospital couple travels to the police station, where they eventually confess everything. Freya’s falsehoods catch Levi off guard, and Clive can’t believe what David has done.

The pair is then interrogated more, and they eventually learn the identity of their mysterious blackmailer!

The question is, who exactly is it? Is it also too late to bring this individual to justice?

That remains to be seen, but David and Freya are surrounded by support in the aftermath of their confession, despite Levi’s continued distance from Freya.

Soon after, the two meet with their lawyers — a meeting that proves to be excruciating to say the least!

Their defence approach will centre on their post-traumatic stress disorder, but will that be enough to justify their actions?


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