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Neighbours spoilers: Aaron’s heartbreak as Leo fights for Abigail

In Neighbours, Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) concerns are about to be realised as the infant he’s become attached to is wrenched from his arms.

After determining he wasn’t a good parent, Leo (Tim Kano) entrusted Aaron and David (Takaya Honda) with raising their daughter. Aaron was afraid because he knew if he got too near to her, she’d be whisked away again. He devised plans to secure their future by adopting the small girl, but when David learned of his scheme, he became enraged.

David has warmed up to the idea, and Aaron is relieved to have some assurance, but everything is about to go wrong before he can sign the papers.

As a result, Aaron is now confronting the heartbreak he had hoped to avoid. Leo feels conflicted about his decision to give up his child. He knows he isn’t right for her, but he can’t seem to break the emotional bond between them. Leo’s heart is being pulled in a million different directions as Aaron and David work to make things official.

As soon as Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) notices this, she decides to intervene. She conjures up a plan for Leo to spend the day with Roxy and Kyle, two young people who are anxious to establish a family. Leo listens and absorbs everything, realising he has what they’re looking for. Chloe senses her strategy is working, and Leo is beginning to see that he might be a good father after all. Her scheme, however, is going to destroy the heart of her own brother.

Leo surprises everyone by abandoning his decision to give up his daughter. Aaron is devastated, and David is unsure which way is up. The onus is now on Leo to show that this is the best decision for everyone. Aaron’s heart has been destroyed, and he only has himself to blame: Chloe. Will Leo’s decision lead to the family’s demise?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 21.


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