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Neighbours releases spoilers for first three weeks of new season

It’s the occurrence of fresh Neighbours spoilers—a moment we never imagined we’d experience again.

Official synopses that tease the first set of episodes have been revealed with less than three weeks till the new season debuts on Amazon Freevee.

These official billings don’t reveal any huge shocks because the show’s producers want to keep a lot of tricks up their sleeves before the grand launch on September 18.

To whet our appetites, there are still many of intriguing teasers. We know that Neighbours is back with a wedding, as seen in the previously released trailers, and the spoilers reveal that this will happen in the very first episode of the new season.

The Varga-Murphy family, which consists of the teenage kids JJ and Dex and their mothers Remi and Cara, will also make their debut in this return episode.

Additionally mentioned are Jane Harris’ son Byron Stone, who is currently played by Xavier Molyneux, and Karl Kennedy’s daughter Holly Hoyland, who has returned to the area.

There are other indications of Harold Bishop’s problems elsewhere, which is sure to increase concern about a possible health problem.

18 September Monday
The people of Ramsay Street are joyfully getting ready for a wedding.

A new family moves to town in the midst of the festivities, and one of the family members seems to have a curiously keen interest in the neighbourhood.

Susan, meantime, has undergone significant life changes, but her happiness is in disarray as a result of having to keep a personal secret from Karl.

September 19, 2018
After the wedding festivities are finished, the happy couple decides to move over the past and concentrate on creating their future together.

A tentative Mackenzie tosses around the idea of returning to the game as romance is in the air.

Everything changes when Byron learns a secret about one of the hotel’s visitors.

September 20th, Wednesday
While on their honeymoon, the newlyweds struggle to balance work and married life.

Holly, meantime, doesn’t take her job seriously, but because of her unprofessional actions, she makes a shocking discovery.

Although Sadie and two of her friends like playing cupid, not everything goes smoothly.

Karl begins to become concerned about Harold’s odd actions.

Karl and Susan’s marriage is put to the test on Thursday, September 21, following a shocking disclosure.

The town is shaken by the revelation of Reece’s true identity as a motel guest.

While JJ is thinking about something or someone much closer to home, Cara and Remi are focusing on their future.

On Monday, September 25, The Kennedys are at a turning point.

Toadie takes a difficult decision that will affect his entire family after giving it much thought.

Mackenzie makes a significant choice regarding her private life.

JJ’s investigation takes a surprising turn.

On Tuesday, September 26, Terese’s business endeavour hits a snag, having an impact on her personal life.

Relationships and the truth about his background are difficult for Byron.

Mackenzie challenges herself to step outside of her comfort zone.

Karl starts to worry more and more about an old friend.

On September 27, Harold makes a horrifying confession.

Paul comes up with a complex scheme to dazzle his new VIP visitor.

Mike has a significant suggestion to make.

Terese learns the truth about well held family secrets.

Nell makes a dishonourable admission on Thursday, September 28, which shocks her family.

Poor communication has implications that Cara and Remi must deal with.

JJ’s covert mission intensifies as he approaches the truth.

Plans by Jane and Mike come to a halt as hidden truths bubble to the surface.

On Monday, October 2, Mike becomes the victim of his own immaturity.

Dex is taken off guard by a secret that could have disastrous consequences.

Paul finds out something that, in his opinion, will strengthen his control over the Lassiters.

As Mackenzie’s passion for one particular person grows, she abandons caution.

Tuesday, October 3: Dex worries that JJ might be headed in the direction of doing their family irreparable harm.

To Cara, Remi expresses her reservations, casting doubt on their future intentions.

As Byron reevaluates his earlier choices, he gains a fresh perspective on his relationship.

Mackenzie finds it difficult to control her emotions.

October 4th, Wednesday
Terese succumbs to a wicked deception in an effort to forge closer relationships with the people she loves.

Paul becomes more arrogant as he gets closer to discovering the truth.

JJ encounters a dead end in his quest for information.

October 5th, Thursday
When a close friend betrays her, Jane is taken by surprise.

Ramsay Street becomes more tense as a new rivalry emerges.

As Harold’s worries about the future grow more and more intense, his closest pals offer him encouragement.


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