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Neighbours lines up shock alliance for Paul and Nicolette in Glen storyline

In a new storyline on Neighbours, Paul Robinson and Nicolette Stone will become unlikely allies.

The erstwhile foes decide to work together next week after discovering that Glen Donnelly is concealing a significant secret.

Glen is now keeping quiet about how newcomer Kiri Durant is his long-lost daughter, as viewers are aware.

While Glen has managed to keep the facts hidden for the time being, his peculiar behavior will begin to raise suspicion in the coming episodes.

When Chloe Brennan confronts Glen about his strange behavior the following week, Glen scrambles for an explanation.

Glen reveals that he is in love with Terese Willis, which explains his recent agitation.

Terese decides to gently let Glen down after Chloe shares this information with her.

Glen informs Terese that his revelation was really a ruse to keep the Kiri truth hidden. Both Glen and Terese appear relieved, but there’s a sense that they’re delusory about their unresolved love for each other.

When Kiri’s mother Barbara, played by Wendy Mocke, pays an unexpected visit to the vineyard, the pressure on Glen intensifies.

Kiri wants to present Barbara to all of her coworkers, but Glen refuses to see her because he doesn’t want the truth to come out.

While Kiri plans a dinner to introduce Barbara to her friends, Glen lies about not being able to attend.

Nicolette then discovers Glen’s deception and resolves to investigate more to learn what he’s really up to.

Meanwhile, Paul is disturbed when Terese and Glen appear to be more than friends.

Paul confronts his brother, who had earlier stated that he would not pursue Terese in a romantic relationship. Glen continues to offer excuses, but he is unable to calm Paul’s nerves.

Paul resolves to join forces with Nicolette, putting their old animosities aside. They agree that whatever Glen is concealing, they will uncover it.


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