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Neighbours introduces Kiri’s mum Barbara in 10 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of photos revealing what’s in store for Ramsay Street starting Monday, April 25.

Tuesday, April 26th:

Kiri receives a visit. Barbara, her mother, shows up at the vineyard unexpectedly.

Barbara is someone Kiri enjoys spending time with. Kiri’s life has changed dramatically in the last few weeks, beginning with her parents’ sale of River Bend, so there’ll be plenty to catch up on.

Barbara congratulates Kiri on getting her new job off to a good start. They aren’t aware that someone is lurking around the corner…

Glen stands back and observes. Barbara is not to be seen by him.

Glen is in a tense situation. Glen is Kiri’s biological father, but she has no idea. Glen is afraid that if Barbara sees him, she will reveal the truth about the past.

Barbara is played by Wendy Mocke. Glen recently confided in Terese about his history with Barbara, as seen on the show.


Barbara has a tumultuous history with Glen. When they were both with other partners, the two had an affair. Barbara discovered she was pregnant after they split up, despite the fact that they later parted up.

Barbara and Kiri are a couple. Kiri is eager to present her mother to her coworkers, so Glen’s abrupt departure from the vineyard is bound to perplex her.

Glen’s secret could be revealed as a result of Barbara’s visit. Glen appears to be surrounded by walls.

Glen will be under further pressure in the coming days. When Kiri starts looking for ways to introduce Barbara to her acquaintances on the street, it appears that the truth will eventually be revealed.


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