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Home and Away spoilers: Justin and Leah go behind Theo’s back in a shocking betrayal

While Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has been away in Cyprus with VJ, Justin (James Stewart) and Theo (Matt Evans) have become friends, bonding over events such as working at the garage together and helping Theo get through his trial.

Instead of cooking at home, the two men like going out for pizza, and John (Shane Withington) is invited to their most recent supper in Salt. Theo advises John not to inform Leah about his community service, and then Justin gets a call from her, as if on cue.

Theo softly approaches Justin as he goes away to answer the call. He discovers, much to his surprise, that Leah has returned to Australia and has been there for some time. Furthermore, she is at his parents’ house, attempting to reason with Dimitri!

Theo is enraged and hurt, and he can’t believe he’s been betrayed and lied to like way. How could they do anything like this behind their backs? He confides in John about his fear that Leah and Justin may side with Dimitri.

When Theo returns to Justin, John makes it plain that he has his back. This gives Theo some relief knowing he has an ally. He contacts Leah and pleads with her to return as quickly as possible, then confronts Justin about her absence. Soon after, he discovers Justin’s deception – he tries to backtrack, but he’s been discovered…


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