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Neighbours airs sinister gun cliffhanger for Levi Canning

In the newest cliffhanger on Neighbours, police officer Levi Canning is in grave danger.

Levi (Richie Morris) has been trying to assist Freya Wozniak in her search for her missing boyfriend Gareth Bateman for the past few days.

When Levi learnt that Gareth had gone into hiding because he was afraid of gang members and corrupt police officers, he informed IBAC, Victoria’s anti-corruption authority.

Levi was upset on Friday’s episode when IBAC informed him that there was no evidence to back Freya’s claims of police corruption in this instance.

Freya is convinced that the clues to Gareth’s whereabouts are in Erinsborough, thus Levi is concerned that she will never leave town. Levi is ready to put Freya behind bars after she duped him into a relationship under false pretences.

Because he had no other choice, Levi took matters into his own hands and searched the police database for Gareth’s name.

He then ordered a phone number search, and was ecstatic when his colleague Eliz (Tayla Duyal) was able to provide him with an address.

Levi ended up paying a visit to an untidy home and doing some research on the property’s exterior.

He then heard a gun being loaded behind him, much to his terror, and readied himself for a potentially lethal encounter.

Levi will be held at gunpoint by an anxious and paranoid stranger in Monday’s (February 21) episode of Neighbours, according to the network.

Monday’s summary is as follows: “Levi attempts to persuade him, but he’s just got out of jail and is unwilling to risk going back. How is Levi going to get it out alive, alone and without a method to call for help?”


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