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Home and Away spoilers: Is Neve going to prison for seven years?

Logan (Harley Bonner) recently discovered a distressing note from Neve (Sophie Bloom) stating that she will be leaving the Bay and disappearing once more. Logan is concerned about her well-being and asks Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to assist him by packing his possessions at the motel while Logan searches for her.

Logan says that he hasn’t had any luck when the two reunite at the flat. Neve, on the other hand, appears in the doorway at this same moment and sobs into Logan’s arms. Mackenzie is wary, believing they’ve taken two steps backwards.

Logan is relieved when Neve admits she has a problem and needs to handle her PTSD. He makes an off-the-record phone call to a military psychologist acquaintance, and while Neve could get the assistance she needs, she would also face a minimum of seven years in prison.

Neve is enraged when Logan conveys the news to her. How could he trust a stranger with all of her information? Logan reassures her that he kept his enquiry entirely confidential – and that he trusts his friend. Her fear about being tracked down begins to rise once more.

Neve’s worry persists, but Logan has reached the limit of his skills and issues an ultimatum: either give herself in or he will. Logan confides in Mackenzie when Neve refuses to do it herself.

His girlfriend then decides to separate Neve from the rest of the group, telling her that if she truly loves Logan, she will turn herself in rather than leaving him to suffer for the rest of his life…


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