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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

The tragedy of River Bend is about to begin next week on Neighbours, with lives on the line and truths coming out for the people of Ramsay Street.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. David is enraged by Aaron

When David has to draw Aaron away from Dean when the two come to blows, he is stunned and enraged, and their marriage is now in much worse shape than it was before.

Both men are at a stalemate, so they decide to take some time apart, with Aaron going to River Bend with the rest of the group and David staying at home.

As the couple says their goodbyes on sour terms, they have no idea that things are going to get much worse…

2. Levi confronts Freya about his affections for her

Levi and Freya have been spending more time together recently than they have in the past, and it is evident that their romance is far from over.

The symptoms are picked up on by those around them, with Chloe and Ned also noticing them.


Ned chooses to talk to Levi, who admits that things are tricky and that he still cares about her. A phone call interrupts the conversation; Levi now has a lead on Gareth.

3. Ned and Harlow set out on a stake-out mission

Ned volunteers to go to the caravan park for Levi to see if he can find anything out because Levi is too busy at work to follow up on the information on the possible whereabouts of the elusive Gareth.

Harlow insists on accompanying him, and their chemistry shines through as they eagerly wait for a glimpse of Gareth.

They are soon trailing him, and Gareth invites them into his caravan to tell them about his version of the storey. What Ned and Harlow discover astounds them, and completely changes Freya’s storey.

4. Roxy receives a fantastic offer

Roxy wants to establish a family with Kyle, but Terese throws a wrench in the works when she approaches her with an offer that could be the break she’s been hoping for.

With Lassiters considering hosting Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week, Terese believes Roxy would be the ideal addition to the team to ensure the event’s success.

Roxy quickly declines the offer because she wants to prioritise her family, which worries Kyle. Is Roxy disguising the real reason she doesn’t want to be involved while he considers whether or not to press her to take the job?

5. Is Terese attempting to extort money from Paul?

Paul and Terese’s marriage has officially come to an end, and divorce proceedings have already begun. However, Paul is alarmed when he learns that Terese’s lawyer is attempting to seize his assets, and he quickly warns Terese that he is prepared to fight.

Terese is adamant that she didn’t want to go after Paul’s money and that her lawyer did so without her permission. Will Paul believe her, or is this going to be a messy, maybe brutal divorce?

6. Levi is shaken by Freya’s death

When Levi hears Gareth’s side of the Freya tale from Ned and Harlow, he is taken aback.

They maintain that there were no corrupt cops and that Gareth went into hiding to avoid Freya, who he claims has been chasing him obsessively.

Levi refuses to think that he has been duped over the whole affair, but doubts keep sneaking in, and as they head off on vacation, Freya can’t help but sense an air of tension…

7. Dean’s true colours are shown

David decides to work while Aaron and the rest of the River Bend gang are on vacation, and Dean approaches him for a conversation not long after he starts his shift.

Dean, on the other hand, isn’t interested in conversing, so he stuns David by coming in for a kiss, which David quickly backs away from.

David is enraged by Dean’s move, proving that Aaron was correct all along regarding his goal. Will David, on the other hand, be able to make amends with his husband?

8. Nicolette finds love during the holidays

Nicolette is quickly taken with their mini-break guide, Kiri, when they arrive at River Bend. She takes on the holiday persona of Nicky in order to win her over, and it isn’t long until flames ignite between the two.

Glen is keeping an eye on everything, and he appears nervous with Kiri from the time they meet, which Nicolette notices. Is there love in the air for Nicolette, and what is Glen hiding?

9. Gareth arrives in River Bend with a bang

After a heated conversation with Freya in which he tells her what he learned from Ned and Harlow, Levi decides he wants to clear his thoughts.

When Gareth appears, holding a gun in his direction, Levi realises that there is a lot more to the situation than meets the eye.

Things quickly escalate, and Levi manages to flee, but not before Gareth fires a couple of rounds. One kills Levi, and Freya is Gareth’s next victim.

10. A vacation turns into the worst vacation ever

With Levi injured and desperate to reach a kidnapped Freya, she is kidnapped by Gareth and forced to ride the bus out of River Bend.

Gareth’s escape is not easy, and he quickly discovers that they are not alone, which has disastrous ramifications for one Ramsay Street resident.

Meanwhile, the others are looking for their missing pals, and David and Amy are inadvertently putting themselves in danger. But life will never be the same for some of them…


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